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Meta Quest link cable USB-A to USB-C

32,- excl. VAT

In Stock
32,- excl. VAT

Product Information 5M Replaced Oculus Quest link cable USB-C

The 5M Replaced Oculus Quest link cable enables the Meta Quest Pro, Quest 2 & Quest 3 Headsets to become PC-VR enabled.


  • Allows Meta headsets to become PCVR enabled
  • Fast & Smooth streaming
  • Highly durable


  • Heavy cable

Product specifications

Suitable for: Meta Quest Pro, Quest 2 & Quest 1 Cable bend radius: 20mm
Brand: Meta Signal requirements: USB 3.2 Gen 1 Signalling 5 Gbps USB 2 Backwards-compatible
Length: 5m Infared signal loss tolerance: < 500 mV VBUS @ 3000 mA; < 250 mV GND @ 3000 mA
Diameter: 4.6mm Power supply: 3A
Weight: 224g Bandwidth: 5 Gbps
Connectors: Headset: Right Angle USB Type-C Electric identification: eMarker
PC: USB-C Type-C Additional features: Support for SuperSpeed USB ports
Cable exterior: TPU 0.5 mm thickness, optimised for low friction, durability and flexibility Color: Black
Shielding: High-quality spiral shielding doubling as grounding Warranty: 1 year
Model: 5M Replaced Meta Quest link cable USB-C EAN Number: 5712579954930
Comes with:
1x 5 meter link cable


5M Replaced Oculus Quest link cable USB-C

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