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  • Which software solutions do you offer?

    VR Expert offers various software solutions for both Virtual and Augmented Reality headsets. Possible options include remote support, mobile device management software options, creating workflows, and more. The software options we provide are available for most of the headsets we sell.

  • Do you create custom software?

    VR Expert collaborates with a company specializing in custom software solutions for both VR and AR. Examples of these include 360-degree videos, AR filters, training videos, and more. Contact us for more information.”

  • Can the software be pre-installed?

    If you purchased our installation service, we ensure that your hardware is delivered ready for use, installed withthe correct software.

  • What services do you offer?

    On our orders we offer Support service, installation service and event support.



  • Buy or rent VR glasses

    Virtual reality is no longer theory but finally reality. The VR hardware was not yet able to show a convincing virtual world in the nineties, now you can buy VR glasses that take you to every corner of the world, or have the universe explored. You can rent VR glasses or buy VR glasses, in both cases there are various options, each with their own unique characteristics.

    Buy VR glasses

    Virtual reality is accessible to everyone. With a cardboard holder you can turn any smartphone into a virtual screen, with a 3DoF headset you can watch 360 degrees movies or play games from a fixed position. And with a luxurious 6DoF headset you can travel anywhere without leaving the living room. For the most extensive glasses you do need a powerful computer to get the maximum potential out of it.

    Rent VR glasses

    For business use, renting VR glasses can offer a solution. That way you don’t have to invest in expensive hardware that you will probably use once or a few times. This way you can set up a virtual cinema with dozens of headsets without making large investments. The big advantage with a rental agreement is the support and expertise of the rental company. Focus on the guests or customers and leave the technical story to the specialists. There are plenty of options for hardware, software and guidance on location.

    Although virtual reality has now reached a high level, developments are certainly not standing still. Therefore, first consider whether you are going to invest in a new product, or rather hire equipment so that you do not fall behind with an outdated system. Get informed by the experts before you make a decision, and first investigate all possibilities. For every consumer or business user there is a VR glasses that fits!

  • Augmented reality hardware and software

    Augmented reality adds a layer to the reality around us. This makes it a different technology than virtual reality that shows a completely different world. Both technologies offer unique opportunities to convey a message and to make life easier or more fun. AR hardware is available in various forms such as smartphones, tablets and glasses. Many people already use it every day, often they do not even realize that it concerns augmented reality. For example, you can set up digital masks during a video chat, or you can immediately see the description on the screen of the mobile phone at a monument. Professional AR hardware is already widely used within the industry.

    Augmented reality hardware

    The Google Glass is a well-known example of a product made specifically for AR applications, yet it is certainly not the only product. With so many options, making the right choice can be difficult, especially when the devices are used in a professional environment. A representative on the road will have different needs than a warehouse employee. There are logistic applications and commercial applications, or the technology can be used for promotional purposes. In addition to standard applications, custom software is usually developed, inquire about the possibilities.

    Buy or rent AR?

    The cheapest way to use augmented reality is an Aryzon smartphone holder. A standard mobile phone is unable to show a 3D effect, with this holder that is possible. In addition, there are the AR glasses that project a digital layer so that they can work hands-free. In addition to buying hardware AR, there is an alternative to renting AR. Think of specific projects where advanced AR hardware is required such as Daqri glasses, as promotion during an event or to evaluate the possibilities before purchasing. Moreover, the advantage of renting is that the configuration of the software for AR is completely taken out of your hands.

  • Buying VR for business

    The sales figures of VR glasses increase every year, yet it is not consumers who purchase virtual reality equipment. In particular, it is companies that invest heavily in this hardware because it offers many opportunities to perform various actions and processes better, more efficiently and cheaper. Buying VR for business use raises questions, because how do you determine whether VR glasses are suitable for business applications? On this page we look at some brands that deliver these products and the solutions they offer for business use.

    Buy VR business; where to start

    Buying the hardware is not really complicated, you can take VR glasses off the shelf or order online based on a VAT invoice and you are done. But that is just the beginning, because it is about the applications for which they are used. Buying at VR for business use makes it easier for you as an organization to use the application possibilities. Think of training for new staff, representatives who give customers a virtual demo live, or a room full of stakeholders who are shown an informative 360 ​​video. By first brainstorming about the possibilities with a specialized supplier of VR glasses, you can determine which hardware best fits the question.

    Manufacturers of VR glasses

    There are various manufacturers of virtual reality glasses, the most famous brands of which belong to a larger group. There are some newcomers but they usually focus on a niche market. Here are five brands that provide VR hardware that can be used for business use, and some possible alternatives. We do not count the most sold Google Cardboard, because this is a universal smartphone holder with a very different application than “real” virtual reality headsets.

    1. Oculus

    This brand started as Oculus VR, since its acquisition by Facebook, it has really become a mature brand with an impressive line of products. With the Oculus Go, the Quest and the Rift S they offer three headsets for completely different applications with a slight overlap. They focus primarily on consumers, by purchasing these products through a specialized dealer you can count on professional service and support.

    2. HTC

    Together with game developer and software giant Valve, HTC developed the first virtual reality headset with room-scale tracking and VR controllers. The HTC Vive has been improved and with the Vive Pro a professional version is available including extra services and a more complete package. A suitable PC or laptop is required to use the Vive. The Vive Focus works without extra hardware but is a bit more limited and less available in Europe. This also makes support and maintenance more difficult.

    3. Valve

    As we just mentioned, the Vive was developed by HTC and Valve, the latter company has also launched its own product. The Valve Index can measure itself against the best VR glasses available on the market, with a price tag.

    4. Pico

    This is the least known brand in the list, this manufacturer from China supplies standalone VR glasses with the option to use them in “kiosk mode” which is very useful for presentations. Furthermore, the current line is very similar to the Oculus Go. The company has been running for several years now and has developed a number of innovative methods. In the West, they mainly focus on the business market.

    5. Samsung

    With the Gear VR, which was developed together with Oculus, Samsung was a pioneer in mobile virtual reality glasses. The Oculus Go would be based on this later. This holder works on the basis of a Samsung Galaxy, so it requires a separate smartphone. In addition, this brand has also developed the Samsung Odyssey, a Windows Mixed Reality headset. The renewed version is particularly interesting for professional use, here again the hardware comes into its own with custom software.

    Other brands and products

    There are also other manufacturers that develop and market hardware. Some of them make cheap copies of superior products, there are also some companies that develop very high-quality and expensive products for a niche target group. With the lesser known brands, the risk of bankruptcy is higher, which also means less certainty of service and support.

    Is buying VR a good business investment?

    That depends very much on the applications and the deployability. This equipment is constantly evolving, new innovations come onto the market every year. Buying VR for business use can offer a solution. With daily use, purchasing can certainly be justified, as long as the necessary knowledge is available (internal or external) to make optimal use of it.

  • Buy or rent AR glasses

    For many people, the first introduction to augmented reality is a smartphone app. For example, for navigation with arrows on the road, or to try out clothes and makeup before placing an order. With AR glasses, much more is possible, if only because you can keep both hands free. Depending on the product, you will see a digital image over reality in one eye, or a 3D view with both eyes. The choice of augmented reality glasses depends on the application and budget. An alternative to buying AR glasses is to rent them, which can also be an interesting option.

    Buying AR glasses

    The cheapest way to use augmented reality is a cardboard holder with a special window that uses a standard smartphone. With the accompanying app, it is possible to view 3D objects and play simple games. Because it is possible to display your own 3D presentations, this is an effective promotional tool. In addition, there are the complete AR glasses that come with all the hardware to work independently. With a built-in microphone it is possible to give voice commands so that completely hands-free work is possible.

    Renting AR glasses

    For demonstrations and presentations it is not always justified to invest large amounts of money in this kind of augmented reality hardware. Renting AR glasses is also possible, depending on the brand, type and application. For professional use it will usually be necessary to build custom applications, which of course involve additional costs. Discuss the possibilities in terms of hardware and software with the consultant to determine the best solution. For presentations during fairs and events it is also possible to engage professional guidance.

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