A UVC-light hygiene solution for the film industry

Aardman Animation, the makers of Wallace & Gromit and Shaun the sheep, are using Uvisan disinfection booths to continue production of their latest blockbuster during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The problem of Aardman Animations

The Aardman team uses 10% of their working week to disinfect the animation puppets and attributes. Due to the pandemic, these must be cleaned after each shoot so that the team can operate safely. This procedure is financially not sustainable for the studio.

What are Uvisans

Uvisans are sanitary cabinets that disinfect equipment safely and quickly by means of UVC-light. Uvisan products are widely used at Virtual Reality fairs to disinfect VR headsets. According to David Marks, the chairman of Uvisan, the partnership with Aardman is a fantastic opportunity to use Uvisan products in other industries.

Uvisan the solution for Aardman Animations.

Uvisan concluded a deal with Aardman to supply them with UVC disinfection booths. Disinfecting the puppets and attributes in these booths it takes 5 minutes. This is an ideal hygiene solution for Aardmans, because it takes less time to disinfect the puppets and attributes, which increases productivity. Uvisan sells three sizes of disinfection booths: the Uvisan Small VR12, Medium VR20, Large VR30.

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