Apple working on VR Headset with 8K resolution for 3000 euros

After tech giants such as Facebook and Sony, Apple will also enter the VR market, Bloomberg announced. The Apple VR headset is expected in 2022, ahead of the already announced AR headset.

Powerful processor and 8K screens in Apple VR headset

Apple plans to deploy its most powerful chips and processors. Chips that have been tested so far have even better specifications than the processor of the Apple Macbook. This computing power is needed to control the 8K screens, the highest resolution in (consumer) VR Headsets so far.

apple vr headset concept

The performance demands powerful processors. As a result, the VR headset will require fans, something Apple normally avoids for mobile devices. Also, the Apple VR headset will have an external camera, so that AR functionalities are also possible, it has been known for some time that Apple wants to do something with AR. An app store for the glasses with the name rOS is also mentioned, where the “r” possibly stands for reality. It is still unclear with what functionalities and content Apple will launch with the glasses.

Price of Apple VR headset higher than competition

The Apple headset will be a lot more expensive than its competitors. The website The Information quotes a price of $3000, while the average VR headset costs between $300 and $900. Apple expects to sell one headset per store every day, which equates to about two hundred thousand headsets per year. The Apple VR headset is named N301, according to Bloomberg. It remains unclear whether the high price and the late entry will influence the sales figures.

apple vr headset concept

Heavy weight may lead to neck complaints

The Apple glasses will be the same size as the Oculus Headsets, which entails a considerable weight. In combination with the parts mentioned, this leads to concerns about possible neck complaints. Apple solves this by removing the space between the screen and the wearer’s eyes. For wearers with poor visibility, Apple will develop a system where the wearer can place special lenses in the headset.

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