M-Series Peltor Headset Mount

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  • Suitable for Vuzix M400
  • 1 year warranty

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Product information M-Series Peltor Headset Mount

The M-Series Peltor Headset Mount for Vuzix M400 is an adapter specifically built to provide a stable mounting location of the Vuzix M400 main unit and its battery on the 3M Peltor WS LiteCom Headset.

The Peltor Headset Mount for Vuzix M400 has the following useful advantages:

First, the mount allows the Vuzix M400 to be used with the 3M Peltor WS LiteCom Headset without impacting the functionality of either product. As a result the M400 can be used without issues in very noisy environments.

Secondly, the Peltor Headset Mount for Vuzix M400, includes two mounts allowing a Vuzix M400 and a Power Bank to be attached at the same time. The two mounts also allow for the Vuzix M400 to be worn on either side of the user’s head.

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Pros and cons

Allows Vuzix M400 to be used in noisy environments

Compatible with 3M Peltor WS LiteCom Headset

Two mounting units

Easy to mount

Headset not included

Product specifications

Made for:WS Litecom HeadsetMounts:2
Suitable for:Vuzix M400 + Vuzix Power BankWarranty:1 year

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