M-Series Power Bank 3350


M-Series Power Bank 3350

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  • Suitable for Vuzix M400
  • 1 year warranty

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Product information M-Series Power Bank 3350

The M-Series Power Bank 3350 is an accessory of the M-Series Smart Glasses that allows for longer use of the smart glasses. The Power Bank has a 3350 mAh battery.

The M-Series Power Bank 3350 has the following useful advantages:

Firstly, the Vuzix M400 comes standard with a 1000 mAh built-in battery which allows the headset to be used for 2-3 hours. The Power Bank 3350 will power your Vuzix M400 for 3x longer than the standard inbuilt battery, allowing the M400 to be used for extended periods with no downtime.

Secondly, the M-Series Power Bank 3350 will attach to all Vuzix rail mounts found on other M-Series accessories. As a result the Power Bank 3350 can be used in a number of different setups with the Vuzix M400.

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Pros and cons

Cheaper than the M400 Power Bank

Easy to mount

More battery life

Heavier than M400 Power Bank

No Battery level indicator

Product specifications

Brand: Anker Capacity: 3350 mAh Material: Metal
Fits on: M-Series Mounts Output: USB-A Color: Black
Suitable for: Vuzix M400 Input: Mini-USB Warranty: 1 year

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