RealWear workband 2 (Navigator 500)

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  • Suitable for RealWear Navigator 500
  • 1 year warranty

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Product information RealWear Workband 2 (Navigator 500)

The RealWear Workband 2 is a headband specially built for comfortable all-day use with the RealWear Navigator 500.

The RealWear Workband 2 has the following useful advantages:

First, there is an adjustable Velcro strap at the back. This allows you to adjust the Workband so that it always stays put, even with all kinds of movements or situations in which the wearer finds themself.

Secondly, the Workband is compatible with a helmet or bump cap. This makes it the most flexible mount option for the RealWear Navigator 500.

Finally, the RealWear Workband is foldable, lightweight and washable.

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Pros and cons

Made for comfort

Compatible with a Hard Hat and Bump Cap

Machine washable, lightweight and foldable


Product specifications

Material: Nylon Dimensions: 53-63 cm
Color: Black Warranty: 1 year
Suitable for: RealWear Navigator 500 + Hard Hat + Bump Cap

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