Validation kit Case (Rako)


Validation kit Case (Rako)

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  • Suitable for travel and shipping
  • 1 year warranty

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Product Information

The Rako Case with custom inlay is a robust and transportable case for all your RealWear & Accessories.
The Rako case has the following advantages.
The main advantage of the Rako Case is that it can be used for travel and shipping. The strong outer cast, the measurement (60*40cm) & the ability to lock the case with tie wraps or shipping seals makes it ideal for shipping (internationally). The case comes with two grips attached so that it’s also easy to travel with.

Finally, the Rako Case comes with a fully customisable foam layer so you can easily fit it to your exact requirements based on the accessories you need. The custom fitting allows your setup to be protected against scratches and bumps during travel or downtime.

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Pros and cons


Suitable for travel and shipping

Customisable foam layer

Very large case

Product specifications

Material: Robust plastic Dimensions: 60 x 40 x 29.5/34 cm
Color: Grey + anthracite Capacity 40 / 60 litres
Suitable for: Custom RealWear setups Warranty: 1 year

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