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Overhead Band (Realwear Navigator)


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  • Suitable for Navigator 500
  • 1 year warranty

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Product information RealWear Overhead Band

The RealWear Overhead Band is a headband specially built to be lightweight and unintrusive while using the HMT-1 or Navigator 500.

The RealWear Overhead band has the following useful advantages:

First, the RealWear Overhead band is extremely lightweight and has a very natural form factor. The Overhead band is designed like the headband on most premium headphones, meaning it is easy to understand and adjust to your ideal position on your head while using the Navigator 500 or HMT-1.

Second, the RealWear Overhead band is easily adjustable using simple band sliders, this makes it easy for different frontline workers to use the headset without much lost time needing to adjust to their head size. The Overhead band can also be adjusted in length, which should make it suitable for almost all head sizes.

Third, the RealWear Overhead band is one of the smallest head mounts for the RealWear headsets and can easily be worn underneath a hard hat.

It must be noted that although the Overhead band provides a secure and sturdy mount it can become unstable if the user needs to tilt there over 90 degrees.

Pros and cons

Lightweight design

Suitable for Navigator 500 and HMT-1

Adjustable to most head sizes

Secure headmount solution

Not suitable if the users head must be tilted often

Product specifications

Material: Rubber + memory foam Weight: 49 grams
Color: Black Warranty: 1 year
Suitable for: RealWear Navigator 500

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Overhead Band (Navigator 500)

What is the Overhead Band (Navigator 500) used for?

The Overhead Band is used to increase the comfort of the RealWear HMT-1 or Navigator 500.

How can I adjust the head band to my liking?

It is very easy in use and can be adjusted with the band sliders which saves quite some time.

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