Vuzix Blade Upgraded


Vuzix Blade Upgraded

840,- excl. VAT

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Product information Vuzix Blade Upgraded

The Vuzix Blade Upgraded is an AR smart glass device that is particularly suited for remote expert use cases. With the Vuzix Blade Upgraded, the expert can easily watch and manage proceedings during inspections, maintenance & repair jobs. The The Vuzix Blade Upgraded has the following advantages:

Firstly, the Vuzix Blade Upgraded is easy to wear, as a result of its lightweight glasses inspired design, which features a built in display in the right lens of the device. The Vuzix Blade Upgrade can therefore be worn for extended periods of time without issue.

Secondly, the Vuzix Blade Upgraded is the best entry level AR headset available, due to its budget friendly price point, compared to the RealWear HMT-1 and Vuzix M400. The low price point of the Vuzix Blade makes it ideal for integrating smart glasses into your organisation for the first time.

Thirdly, the Blade has an autofocus 8-megapixel camera and is able to capture video footage in 720p at 30fps or 1080p at 24fps. The quality of the camera is similar to current day smartphones enough for remote experts to view and manage sessions with engineers in high enough quality on a large display . As a result, remote expertise can be effectively managed and undertaken with the Vuzix Blade Upgraded.

Compared to the original Blade the Vuzix Blade Upgraded has been greatly improved in the department of safety. The Upgraded Blade is now ANSI Z87.1 certified, able to withstand direct impacts against the lenses now making it better suited for industrial applications.

Finally, the Vuzix Blade can be controlled through the built in touchpad or via voice commands.

One important thing to know about the Vuzix Blade Upgraded is that it must be connected to a smartphone to be used.

Vuzix Blade Upgraded price

The Vuzix Blade Upgraded price is €840,- excluding tax. The Vuzix Blade Upgraded is the cheapest Vuzix product and is a great headset to be introduced to the use cases of a smartglass.

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Pros and cons

8-megapixel camera with auto focus

Multiple control options

UV eye protection

Full colour See-through display

Easy to wear

Not IP rated

Smartphone needed

Product specifications

Built-in display AR View Monocular Memory 1GB System RAM / 8 GB internal storage
Built-in audio FOV (Horizontal) 19 degrees Battery 470 mAh internal battery
Stand alone Weight 90 grams Battery life 1-2 Hours
Built in audio Stereo integrated speakers Controls Touch pad, voice control
Microphone Yes (noise cancelling) Operating system Android
Connectivity Wifi, Bluetooth Chip Quad Core ARM CPU
Charging Micro USB Compliances PPE, ANSI Z87.1
Camera 8MP Auto Focus with 720P 30fps video Warranty 1 year

Comes with:
1x Vuzix Blade Upgraded 1x Micro-USB cable 1x Vuzix Blade Upgraded Box + 1x Bluetooth earplugs + 1x Charger for earplugs + 1x Vuzix Microfiber pocket VR Expert Quickstart Guide

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Vuzix Blade Upgraded

What is the size and weight of the Vuzix Blade Upgraded?

The Vuzix Blade Upgraded is 16 x 8 x 23 cm in size. The weight of the Vuzix Blade Upgraded is around 90 grams making it one of the lightest smartglasses on the market.

Is VR Expert an official reseller of the Vuzix Blade Upgraded?

Yes, VR Expert is a licensed reseller of Vuzix products.

What software is available on the Vuzix Blade Upgraded?

Software for the Vuzix Blade Upgraded is available throught the Vuzix store accessible trhough the headset itself. Most of the remote work applications are available for the headset except for Microsoft Teams, which will only work on the Vuzix M400 and M4000.

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