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Vuzix M4000

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Product information Vuzix M4000

The Vuzix M4000 is an AR Smart Glass built for the workplace and is ideally suited for use in manufacturing, field-service and warehouse logistics. The Vuzix M4000 has the following key advantages:

Firstly, the M4000 provides users with an unobstructed view of the real world compared to the Vuzix M400. The M4000 has a full colour transparent optical display with a resolution of 854×480 and 28 degree field of view, compared to the M400’s opaque head mounted OLED display with a resolution of 640×360 and 16.8 degree field of view. This transparent display allows users to see through the smart glasses at all times, meaning they do not need to be removed to complete other tasks.

Second, the Vuzix M4000 is able to capture and stream video in 4K as well as take 12.8 megapixel stills. The 4K streaming capability of the M4000 makes it the joint best in its class regarding resolution with the Vuzix M400 for AR headsets. Thanks to the high resolution streaming capabilities, remote expertise can be done on the Vuzix M4000 with increased precision and accuracy.

Third, the M4000 is one of the best smart glasses on the market for use in heavy industry. The Vuzix M4000 headset is IP67 rated for water and dust. The headset is also able withstand drops of up to 1 meter compared to the 2 meters of the Vuzix M400.

Fourthly, the Vuzix M4000 Smart Glasses can be controlled using 3 distinct methods. The M4000 can be controlled through the built in touchpad, buttons or via voice commands.

Finally, the M4000 comes standard with a Vuzix Peli Case. The Peli case is ideal for storing and transporting the device in a compact and safe case.

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Pros and cons

4K camera

Fall, water and dust resistant

Large field of view

Full colour transparent display

Multiple control options

Suited for remote support

Costs more than M400

Product specifications

Built-in display AR View Monocular Memory 6GB RAM – 64GB internal memory
Built-in audio FOV (Horizontal) 28 degrees Battery 1000 mAh internal battery
Stand alone Weight 222 grams Battery life 2-3 hours
Built in audio Yes (ear speaker) Controls Touchpad, headmotion, Voice
Microphone Yes (noise cancelling) Operating system Android 9.0
Connectivity Wifi, Bluetooth, USB, GPS Chip 8 Core 2.52Ghz Qualcomm XR1
Charging USB-C Compliances IP 67, water, dust and drop resistant, PPE
Camera 12MP and 4K 30FPS video Warranty 1 year
Comes with:
1x Vuzix M4000 1x USB-C to USB-C cable 1x USB-A to USB-C Cable 1x USB-C battery 1x M-series frame + 1x Hard case for storage VR Expert Quickstart Guide

Product accessories

Product services



We set up your VR and AR headsets for direct use, by preconfiguring the headsets and pre-installing your desired application and or 360° content.

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Support desk

Support desk

For questions and problems, you can always get in touch with our support desk, so we can get you back, up and running.

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Event support

Event support

Event support on location. Professional support for the AR and VR section of your event.

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