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Arbor XR Starter license (per device) – 1 Year

96,- excl. VAT

Per year, per headset. See Pricing

What is ArborXR?

ArborXR introduction

ArborXR is device management software for XR devices. From the ArborXR webportal you can batch provision headsets, deploy apps & files remotely. Further, ArborXR allows you to activate kiosk mode. Remotely configure Wi-Fi or headset settings and manage your XR headsets from a distance.

Software features

Deploy applications and content remotely

ArborXR allows for complete content management, app deployment and version control remotely. Unique about the ArborXR platform is that it has no file restrictions, literally any file can be uploaded and pushed to the headset. Further, it’s possible to see the installation progress and deploy rollbacks in case of errors.

Device status & grouping

On the ArborXR dashboard users can see the device name, battery status, storage and Wi-Fi. Further, to make management of the devices easy, devices can be grouped together. The software also has built in security options, such as allowing headsets to be factory reset through the portal.

Control the in-headset experience

ArborXR software comes with built-in kiosk mode and a multi-app launcher, allowing you to create a tailored end user experience. The software can control which apps are shown in the headset and what buttons can be used. Further, you can provide customized in-headset user interfaces with your own branding.

Everything at one place

Hardware, software and service

Reasons to buy from VR Expert

Compatible products

Manage AR & VR device policies and deploy content to a range of Android-based standalone AR and VR devices, including popular headsets like the HTC VIVE Focus 3, HTC VIVE Focus Plus, Pico Neo 3, Pico Neo 2, Pico G2 4K, Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2, Vuzix M400, and all other Android based devices. If you are using a different devices and you are unsure, feel free to contact us.

Pico Neo 3 Pro
599,- excl. VAT
Pico G2 4K
350,- excl. VAT
Vuzix M400
1.890,- excl. VAT

Choose a plan for your organization

We give you the option to decide how much you need to use.

/per headset per year


  • Configure settings
  • Keep devices up-to-date
  • Device SDK
  • Deploy apps, videos & files
  • Launch apps remotely
  • Single-app kiosk
  • Multi-app launcher
  • Chat-based support
  • Assign user roles
  • Product roadmap access
/per headset per year


  • Everything in Starter
  • Location trackergrouping
  • USB file transfer
  • Developer options
  • Session analyticsmode
  • Schedule content updates
  • Self-hosted content
  • Branded home enviroment
  • Custom user roles
  • QR code enrollment
  • Firmware updating
/per headset per year


  • Everything in Essential
  • WiFi certificates
  • API
  • Deploy XR content
  • Remove ArborXR branding
  • In-headset SSO
  • Web portal SSO
  • Priority support
  • Audit logs
  • Service level agreement
  • Custom invoicing

Why people work with us

ArborXR allows us to manage our users, devices, and software in a simple, clean interface quickly and easily. We can now protect our IP and deploy to multiple devices while our users only need to put on their headset to access the latest available content.

Daniel Peachey

If you want an enterprise-grade hardware management solution for your developers and customers, you need to check out ArborXR. An enterprise-grade solution with none of the hoops, strings, and walled gardens we usually need to work within.

With ArborXR, we’re able to look at the health of the headset and the software. We’re able to make immediate updates, replacing legacy files with new files if necessary. It’s easy for the client to get the latest and greatest version of the content that they’ve invested in.

Marcus Brown

ArborXR reduces our expenditure of time & resources by about 60%. We’re deploying to thousands of libraries around the country. There’s no way that we could do that humanly unless we had an entire team of people on it. ArborXR allows us to keep scaling without additional team members.

John MacLeod



  • How can I send content to my applications? arrow-forward

    You can send your content to one or multiple devices through the ArborXR dashboard. It is also possible to send your content to multiple applications on all devices in a device group.

  • What is the multi kiosk mode? arrow-forward

    The multi kiosk mode is a feature supported in the multi-app launcher in ArborXR. The multi-app launcher allows users to make a selection of a select few applications selected by the admin. Besides these applications, the user cannot access any other applications. Kiosk mode usually indicates the user cannot select any other application than the one selected by the admin, with ArborXR it is possible to use more than one application.


    How to enable the Multi-app launcher on my devices?

    Option 1: grouped devices:

    1. Navigate to the group in question via the side navigation menu
    2. Tab over to settings
    3. Select Multi-app Launcher
    4. Click select launcher apps to “whitelist” the apps you wish to make available for the end users 
    5. Click apply after making the app selection
    6. Click save to save launch settings

    Option 2: ungrouped devices

    1. Navigate to all in the side navigation menu
    2. Click on the device in question
    3. Tab over to settings
    4. Select Multi-app Launcher
    5. Click select launcher apps to “whitelist” the apps you wish to make available for the end users 
    6. Click apply after making the app selection
    7. Click save to save launch settings
  • Does ArborXR work on Mac? arrow-forward

    Yes, the ArborXR management dashboard is available through the browser and available on both Windows as Mac. It is also possible to pair devices through a Mac with a MacOS pairing application.

  • Does ArborXR support PC VR? arrow-forward

    At this moment ArborXR does not support PC-powered VR. ArborXR is mainly focussed on managing standalone VR and AR devices. It is possible that ArborXR will support PC VR in the future.

  • Is the ArborXR software still being updated? arrow-forward

    Yes, ArborXR is still being developed and new features are being released every few months. All these updates and future ones are included with your ArborXR license.

  • Do you manage the billing for ArborXR purchased on your website? arrow-forward

    Yes, VR Expert will manage the billing for the software purchased through us. All billing will be done through the email under the name Uil VR Solutions B.V.

  • How to check the device storage space? arrow-forward

    When in the ArborXR dashboard, go to the side navigation menu, navigate to devices. Finally click on the device you want to check the storage of. In here you can see the internal storage current and max capacity. If there is a sd card installed, it will also show the current and max storage space for that sd card.

  • How many devices can be added into one device group? arrow-forward

    A device group in ArborXR supports unlimited devices. One device can also be added to multiple device groups.

  • What kind of software is ArborXR? arrow-forward

    ArborXR is a MDM (Mobile Device Management) software specially made for VR & AR devices. MDM software allows you to manage multiple devices, remotely install apps, control the in-headset experience and more. ArborXR makes the process of setting up and managing multiple VR & AR devices easy.

  • Which headsets are compatible with ArborXR? arrow-forward

    ArborXR supports all android based VR & AR headsets. These include the HTC VIVE Focus 3, HTC VIVE Focus, Pico Neo 3, Pico Neo 2, Pico G2 4K, Oculus Quest 2, Vuzix M400, Vuzix M4000 and more.

    If you are unsure if your headset is supported, feel free to contact us!

  • How long will my ArborXR license be active / valid? arrow-forward

    The ArborXR Licenses are valid for 1 year. After this period it is possible to renew your ArborXR license.

  • How many devices are supported with an ArborXR license? arrow-forward

    One ArborXR license works for one VR or AR device. To use more than one device you need the same amount of licences as the amount of devices.

  • Is there a trial available for the ArborXR software? arrow-forward

    Yes, we offer you the option to run a trial with just the software, or a combination of software with fitting hardware. This way you can experience ArborXR and get an idea how the software works and if it’s right for you.

  • What is the price or cost of the ArborXR software? arrow-forward

    The price of a 1 year ArborXR license for 1 device is €75,- a year. After a year it is possible to renew your license. There is also a free trial available to introduce you to ArborXR software.

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