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Ultraleap Raises 70 Million In Series D Funding

The latest in Series D funding will help the company propel its quest to developing futuristic computing platforms. What …

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Meta is working on haptic gloves

It seems that all anyone’s been talking about over the past few weeks is ‘the metaverse’. This was all …

VR Expert - Microsoft Mesh
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Microsoft Teams to integrate Mesh in 2022

It seems that the entire world has been talking about Facebook’s recent rebranding to Meta and, more specifically, the …

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vr expert - qualcomm
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Qualcomm announces XR developer platform in diversifying move

Qualcomm announces Snapdragon Spaces XR Developer Platform at this year’s AWE21 event, slated to release in Spring 2022. …

VR Expert - webex
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Cisco expands from video to AR meetings with Webex Hologram

The American multinational corporation Cisco that produces and sells IT solutions, has recently added an AR Meetings platform …

VR Expert - varjo xr
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Case study: Varjo mixed reality headsets improve workflow and design iteration

The Japanese car design company Phiaro pioneered through the high-fidelity mixed reality Varjo XR-3 headsets and have begun …


VR Expert Pico Neo 3 Front view

Pico Neo 3

VR Exper Pico neo 3

Product reviews

The Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is the latest smart glass from the US company Google. The Enterprise Edition 2 weighs only 51g including the frame and is the only smart glass that supports Google Meet.
The Vuzix M4000 is one of the lightest smart glasses on the market. The device is mainly used in manufacturing, field service and warehouse logistics.
With the launch of the Pico Neo 3, we thought it to be the right time to review the device, to see if the Chinese headset maker has taken the right steps to establish itself as the VR headset provider for business use.

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02 – Urho Kontorri: Varjo Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Shortly after the launch of the Varjo Aero, we sat down with Urho Kontorri, Founder and Chief Technology …

01 – Oliver Wöhler: Commercial Director Northern Europe for Pico Interactive

Shortly after the release of the Pico Neo 3 Pro in Europe, we sat down with Oliver Wöhler, …

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