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vr expert - varjo base 3.4
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The new Varjo 3.4 update champions advanced Extended Reality

Varjo recently announced its latest update of its Varjo Base software. The Varjo Base 3.4 update contains some key …

vr expert - meganex
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Futuristic, thin and light VR headset from Panasonic subsidiary: Shiftall

The Panasonic parent company, Shiftall, known for their mass-production of IoT devices and body tracking, unveils slim and futuristic-looking …

vr expert - tactglove
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bHaptics announces latest haptic gloves

Korean tech innovators bHaptics have always been on the cutting edge of haptic technology and their latest announcement is …

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VR Expert - Vuzix Shield
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Vuzix announces revolutionary successor to its enterprise-focused smart glasses: Vuzix Shield

Leading AR smart glass brand, Vuzix, showcases a new innovative AR device as an extension to their leading …

vr expert - leiniao air tcl nxt wear air
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Chinese TCL announces two new smart glasses

TCL, known for its smart glasses NxtWear G and other consumer technology products, has announced at CES2022 two …

vr expert - vuzix m400-c
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Vuzix introduces the M400-C: the second edition of Vuzix M400

Vuzix announces a new edition to their M-Series smart glasses, under the name M400-C.  The M400-C is a …


VR Expert Pico Neo 3 Front view

Pico Neo 3

VR Exper Pico neo 3

Product reviews

US-based RealWear unveiled its latest AR headset: The RealWear Navigator 500. It is set to replace the previous RealWear HMT-1 as the new best AR device for heavy industrial use.
The Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is the latest smart glass from the US company Google. The Enterprise Edition 2 weighs only 51g including the frame and is the only smart glass that supports Google Meet.
The Vuzix M4000 is one of the lightest smart glasses on the market. The device is mainly used in manufacturing, field service and warehouse logistics.

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