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VR Expert - Metas AR Roadmap
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Meta’s augmented reality roadmap: release dates, features and goals

In this article, we will look at both Zuckerberg’s wishes for AR and Meta’s roadmap to turn those wishes …

VR Expert - Hololens 2 vs Magic Leap
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Microsoft Hololens 2 vs Magic Leap One: A comprehensive comparison

Microsoft HoloLens 2 and Magic Leap One are two of the most well-known augmented reality headsets, but with some …

VR Expert - Vuzix Medial Certifications
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Why Vuzix smart glasses are certified for the healthcare industry

Vuzix is one of the leaders in enterprise smart glasses, enabling the blend of the digital with the physical. …

Google Raxium - VR Expert
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Google acquires AR LED-maker Raxium for one billion dollars

Despite not being officially confirmed by either company, The Information reports that Google has acquired the California-based LED-maker for augmented …

Apple MR Headset - VR Expert - 1
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Everything we know so far about the Apple MR headset, specs, price and features

Rumours and news of Apple’s highly anticipated mixed reality headset have been circulating for what feels like years. Many …

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Magic Leap 2 controllers reveal internal inside-out tracking

Twitter strikes again. This time it’s Peter Diamond, founder of XPRIZE, revealing previously unknown controllers for the upcoming augmented reality headset …

VR Expert - ByteDance and Qualcomm partnership announced
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Qualcomm and ByteDance collaborates on XR ecosystem with the Snapdragon XR Spaces platform

Qualcomm, the leading smartphone chipset manufacturer, announced at Mobile World Congress 2022 its release of the new platform and …

VR Expert - US army using the Microsoft Hololens 2
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US Army deploying HoloLens based IVAS in 2022

Despite a year-long delay in deploying 12,000 Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS) headsets based on Microsoft’s Hololens 2 technology, …

VR Expert - Microsoft hololens announcement
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Microsoft has reportedly cancelled the HoloLens 3

According to a report by BusinessInsider (Paywalled), Microsoft has decided to cancel the release of its HoloLens 2 replacement …

VR Expert Galaxy SmartTag+
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Samsung to launch an augmented reality device

A recent report hints that Samsung is finalising the Research & Development phase of a new augmented reality device, …

VR Expert Supernatural VR
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Meta separates its VR/AR operating system

Meta splits up its Reality Labs team from a combined VR/AR operating system called “XROS” to different operating systems …

VR Expert - Apple MR Headset
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Apple’s MR headset might come out this year after successful production tests

A new report was released adding details to Apple’s rumoured mixed reality headset. The report stated that Apple had …


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