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VR Expert - Benefits of eye tracking
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Benefits of Virtual Reality Eye Tracking for enterprises

Separately, virtual reality and eye-tracking have been used for decades. When the two are used together, high-fidelity research and …

VR Expert - Meta Project Cambria - 4
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Meta’s Project Cambria headset will release this year

Despite rumors telling of a Quest 2 Pro release before the mixed reality Project Cambria headset, Mark Zuckerberg announced …

VR Expert - Meta Project Cambria - 2
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Meta/Oculus to release 4 new headsets by 2024

Meta/Oculus plans to release four new virtual reality and mixed reality headsets by 2024, broadening its scope on the …

Vr Expert HP Reverb G2 Computer
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HP Reverb G2 compared to the Valve Index and the Oculus Rift S

The HP Reverb G2 has been out for 2 years now. With its high screen resolution, high sound quality …

VR Expert EM3 Ether Prototype
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The difference between pancakes lenses and current fresnel lenses found on VR headsets

What do HTC Vive Flow, EM3 Ether, and the upcoming Project Cambria from Meta share? Besides a stylish and …

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Vrgineers new XTAL 3 MR headset is a game-changer for pilot simulation and training

The leader in mixed and virtual reality pilot training systems Vrgineers introduced at CES 2022 what they have been …

Quest 2 Pro Leak - VR Expert -1
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A new iteration of the Quest 2 Pro VR headset is rumored to arrive before Project Cambria

After a leaked Tweet from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Meta is rumored to be cooking up a new edition of its …

Ultraleap Pico Neo 3 Accessory - VR Expert
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New Ultraleap hand tracking accessory for Pico Neo 3 available through VR Expert

Attachable hand tracking accessory announced from natural VR/AR interaction leader Ultraleap with Pico Neo 3 Pro or Pro Eye as bundles in partnership with VR Expert. …

Quest - Parental Controls - VR Expert-2
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Meta rolls out parental controls for their VR headsets: Enabling parent supervision

Meta announced that they will be rolling out continual updates that increase and enable parents to control the content …

Meta Logo on start up - VR Expert - 1
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Meta Quest update: Meta’s logo replaces Oculus symbol

Meta is rolling out a new software update to its Quest headsets, replacing the Oculus logo on the boot-up …

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The most important differences between the Oculus Quest 1 and 2

This article highlights the main differences between the recently released Oculus Quest 2 and its predecessor, the Oculus Quest …

Pico Neo 3 vs Pico Neo 2
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Pico Neo 3 Pro vs Pico Neo 2: The most important upgrades and innovations!

In this article, you will learn all about the upgrades Pico has given its new VR headset and what …


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