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Bodyswaps 1 user

70,- excl. VAT

Per year, per user. See Pricing

  • Learn, reflect and practice for the real world using immersive solutions
  • Works with Oculus, Pico and PC VR headsets
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What is Bodyswaps?

Bodyswaps is a soft skills immersive VR training platform that allows employees and students to practice and develop their communication, teamwork and leadership skills. BodySwaps is compatible with both Oculus Quests, Vive Focus, Pico Neo 2 & 3 as well as PC VR headsets, meaning your organization is flexible on which device can be used depending on the usage. Further the software comes with an off the shelf library of award winning modules focussed on communication, teamwork, leadership and job interview skills.

Software features

Develop soft skills remotely and autonomously

Bodyswaps uses immersive simulations and artificial intelligence to empower learners to practice and develop their soft skills. Soft skills are developed through Bodyswaps unique learning framework based on 3 pillars. The first pillar is Practice, users choose a simulation and module like Job Interviewing and are taken through a fully immersive experience on that subject or field, including being questioned and challenged on the topic. The second pillar is the unique Bodyswap feature, where the user is put in the shoes of the interviewer and are able to watch back themselves, dealing with the questions, how they acted and responded in the moment. The third pillar is Feedback, the user is provided with behavioral insights with personalized feedback and assessments. This learning method has shown to be extremely effective in allowing for self-reflection and allows users to use their newly acquired or developed soft skills in the future

Library of off-the-shelf simulations and experiences

Bodyswaps comes with access to a complete library of different simulations. The platform includes a library of different simulations covering: Job interview simulation; Public speaking; Workplace communication; Inclusive leadership; Customer experience; Health and social wellbeing. Each and every off the shelf simulation by Bodyswaps comes with a fully adaptive programme, allowing users to be in both roles, deal with unexpected questions,analyze their reactions to questions and so much more. It is also possible to create your own library of experiences for Bodyswaps.

AI Powered behavioral analytics engine including virtual coaching

Bodyswaps takes learning and improvement to the next level through its AI-powered behavioral analytics engine. The system comes with a virtual coach functionality. The virtual coach works by collecting and analyzing in real time all the behavioral data from the experiences including semantic data, speech speed, pronunciation, articulation, body language and decision-making data. This data is then used by the Virtual coaching system to provide hyper-personalized and nuanced coaching and feedback to the learner. 


On a more macro level, the Bodyswaps performance dashboard allows for organizations or institutes to leverage the same data to show an overview and breakdown of performances. This is useful to work on areas employees or students could be struggling with like workspace communication or leadership for example. These insights can be leveraged for overall organizational improvement.

Everything at one place

Hardware, software and service

Reasons to buy from VR Expert

Compatible products

Bodyswaps is made for developping your communicative skills in virtual reality. The software can be used with the following devices: Meta Quest 1 & 2, Pico Neo 2 (Eye), Pico Neo 3 (Eye), HTC Vive Focus & Focus 3. The simulations cna be played back on the VR headsets mentioned above or any Windows / MAC PC, Android mobile device or Apple mobile device.

Pico Neo 3 Pro
599,- excl. VAT
HTC Vive Focus 3
1.249,- excl. VAT

Choose a plan for your organization

We give you the option to decide how much you need to use.

/per year

1 - 99 users

  • €70 per user
  • Full content library
  • VR app
  • PC & Mac app
  • WebVR
  • Helpcenter
  • Virtual coaching
  • Max 99 users
  • Real-time analytics
/per year

100 - 499 users

  • €55 per user
  • Full content library
  • VR app
  • PC & Mac app
  • WebVR
  • Help center
  • Virtual Coaching
  • Max 499 users
  • Real-time analytics
/per year

1 - 10 devices

  • Full content library
  • VR app
  • PC & Mac app
  • WebVR
  • IOS & Android app
  • Helpcenter
  • Virtual coaching
  • Unlimited users
  • Real-time analytics



  • Is the dashboard customizable? arrow-forward

    Yes, the Bodyswaps dashboard can be customizable with different kinds of widgets and overviews. 

    The dashboard allows you to view real-time data of the performance of the learners. The performance can be broken down to the learner’s feedback on understanding, self-awareness and confidence as well as a breakdown of behavioral data.

  • Is a trial available for the Bodyswaps software? arrow-forward

    Yes, VR Expert offers a 3 day trial for Bodyswaps. In case you do not own a headset yet we can provide you the software with a compatible headset in the trial. This allows you to test the whole package, even without prior use of a Virtual reality headset.

  • In what languages is bodyswaps available? arrow-forward

    At the moment the Bodyswaps software is available in 2 different languages, English and French. It is possible Bodyswaps will add more languages in the future.

  • How many questions are there available for the job interview trainer? arrow-forward

    The Job interview training included in Bodyswaps contains 4 different Virtual reality modules with a total of 75 questions. This training is aimed at improving your verbal and non-verbal communication skills in a safe environment, helping you to be less anxious and nervous during a real job interview.

  • How can VR develop key soft skills? arrow-forward

    Bodyswaps lets you practice your soft skills in virtual reality, and lets you watch an avatar perform your practice run to let you observe and learn how you did.

    By basically “switching bodies” you can see yourself back from another angle and see what you did and where to improve. Bodyswaps offers a large collection of off-the-shelf solutions to practice all kinds of soft skills like communication, teamwork, leadership and job interview skills.

  • Which VR headsets are supported? arrow-forward

    The Bodyswaps software is compatible with a wide range of Virtual Reality headsets. The software can be used on the following headsets:

    • Oculus Quest 1 & 2
    • HTC Vive Focus plus 
    • HTC Vive Focus 3
    • Pico Neo 2 ( Eye)
    • Pico Neo 3 (Eye)
  • Which soft skills can you learn with Bodyswaps? arrow-forward

    Bodyswaps is an innovative software solution with the goal to develop key soft skills. These skills focus on communication and personal communicative development. Bodyswaps Focuses on the following soft skills:

    • Job interview trainer
    • Public speaking
    • Workplace Communication
    • Inclusive Leadership
    • Let’s talk about race
    • Customer experience
    • Health and social welfare training
  • What software variations are available? arrow-forward

    VR Expert offers 3 kinds of variations of the Bodyswaps software. The available options are:

    • Bodyswaps 1 user / 1 year license 
    • Bodyswaps 10 user / 1 year license 
    • Bodyswaps 100 user / 1 year license 

    Every package has the same content and service available.

  • What data is collected with Bodyswaps? arrow-forward

    Bodyswaps has some required and optional data that will be collected.

    The required data is required for billing and includes the following:

    • Account business name & key contact details
    • Payment history
    • Number of installs
    • Number of sessions used
    • Device Unique identifier
    • Configuration data
    • App usage

    Optional data is used for the dashboard to work properly. Depending on the data you need for your dashboard, you can enable or disable different data collection options.

    • Device model and OS version
    • Screen views
    • Learning module launches
    • Avatar selection
    • Aggregated score results
    • Learner satisfaction survey
    • Transcripts
    • Learner email address
    • Learner scores
  • On which platforms are the simulations available? arrow-forward

    The performed training simulations can be stored and be played back on multiple devices. The list is as follows:

    • Oculus Quest (1 & 2)
    • HTC Vive Focus (Plus & 3)
    • iOS devices
    • Android mobile devices
    • Windows PC
    • MAC

    For the most effective and immersive training we recommend playing the simulation back on a VR headset

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