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Grey Owl

20,- excl. VAT

  • Entry-level VR
  • Works with most smartphones
  • Includes IPD adjustment
In Stock

Product information Grey Owl

The Grey Owl is a durable VR headset that can easily be used to play 360° content. The Grey Owl is compatible with most smartphones and provides users the option to adjust their pupil distance. The outside is made of stitched fabric and gives the headset a premium look and feel. The Grey Owl is a very comfortable VR headset and the right choice for long-term use.

This mobile VR headset has an elastic headband so there is no need to hold the headset, which is required with most cardboard headsets. The face pad is made of a soft PU leather with a fairly thick cushion for optimal comfort. All this with the low price of €20 makes it an ideal mobile VR glasses.

For a standalone VR headset with its own screen and processing power, we recommend the Pico G3 for viewing custom 360 videos in 4K resolution.


  • Sustainable
  • Premium feel
  • Adjustable pupil system
  • Brandable


  • Limited to the resolution of the users smartphone

Product Specification

Smartphone protection Materiaal ABS Plastic Pupil distance 60-66 mm
Interaction with smartphone Lenses PMM Optische resin lens 42 mm Operating system Android en IOS
Print Full Color Spot UV FOV 90-100 degrees
Focal length 40-49 mm Weight 238 grams
Warranty 1 year
Comes with:
1x Grey Owl 1x Microfibre cloth VR Expert Product Guide


Grey Owl

  • What is the difference between the Gray Owl and Snow Owl? arrow-forward

    The Gray Owl is made of a different material with which it immediately has a completely different look compared to the Snow Owl. The installation method also differs slightly, with the Snow Owl VR glasses, the smartphone remains visible in the plastic holder. When a uniform appearance is pursued, the Gray Owl will be more suitable.

  • What are the benefits of the Gray Owl? arrow-forward

    The biggest advantage of the Gray Owl compared to, for example, the Samsung Gear VR or the Google Daydream VR glasses is the universal deployability. This product is not limited to devices from one manufacturer but can be used with almost any modern smartphone. In addition to Android devices, also iPhones, which is not possible with the aforementioned holders.

  • What is the best way to use the Gray Owl? arrow-forward

    The Gray Owl is ideal for situations in which the provider wants to show VR video in a representative manner, such as events. Existing smartphones can be used, the design of the Gray Owl VR glasses ensures that the system always looks uniform regardless of the device that is used.

  • Gray Owl additional information arrow-forward

    Can VR glasses be cheap and still offer the quality that you as a company can support? Our Gray Owl is proof that cheap VR glasses with printing can still offer that luxurious look and wearing comfort that does justice to any brand. It is a holder for all common smartphones that allows the user to view hundreds of virtual reality apps. And of course also the product presentations that you want to show to customers and prospective buyers. These VR glasses can be used during events, or the product can be used as an affordable promotional tool.

    VR glasses cheap with luxurious feel
    By using the hardware in a smartphone, the costs for these virtual reality glasses can remain low. This does not mean that savings have been made on the quality of the design and the materials used. For example, the pupil distance can be set for extra comfort, this is a feature that is often missing even on VR glasses that cost hundreds of euros more. In addition, this model is made of fabric, which immediately gives the design a luxurious look and at the same time increases the wearing comfort. These VR glasses are cheap in price while retaining that premium appearance.

    VR glasses with printing
    The Gray Owl can be used as a promotional tool to give away to customers, it is also the ideal way to share VR content with larger numbers of visitors during an exhibition or event. To increase the visibility of each brand, it is possible to have the front printed with a company logo, brand name or, for example, a website address. A white print on a dark background is immediately noticeable and looks very representative. Because the Gray Owl is a universal smartphone holder, this holder will often be spread further, which further increases the visibility of the brand.

  • Can you have the Gray Owl printed in your own house style? arrow-forward

    Yes, it is possible to provide the front of the Gray Owl with your logo at an additional cost. Download your template here.

  • What kind of smartphone do you need to use the Gray Owl? arrow-forward

    Both iPhone and Android smartphones can be used for the Gray Owl.

  • How long does the battery last? arrow-forward

    Because the Gray Owl runs via your smartphone, this depends on the battery life of your smartphone.

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