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Soundkit for the Pico G3

115,- excl. VAT

In Stock
115,- excl. VAT

Product information Kabetec Pico G3 Sound Kit

The Kabetec Pico G3 Sound Kit is an over-ear audio kit specifically designed for the Pico G3. This sound kit is customized to eliminate the need for long cables, adapters, or unnecessary bulk that usually accompany most over-ear headphones.


  • Improves Pico G3 Audio Quality
  • Limits External Noise
  • Less Bulky than External Over Ear Headphones


  • Unable to be attached to the Pico G3 when in a case
  • Increases Weight of Headset

Product specifications

Suitable For: Pico G3 Color: Black
Brand: Kabetec Warranty: 1 Year


Soundkit Pico G3

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