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Merge Cube

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Product information Merge Cube

With the Merge Cube, digital 3D objects can be viewed using augmented reality technology. This creates a completely new way of learning. Students can, for example, explore a galaxy, a DNA molecule or the Earth’s core with their own hands and learn about it in a playful way. This works with the help of compatible apps that use the camera of the smartphone or tablet. To be able to use these, the corresponding licenses must also be ordered.


  • Ideal for interactive learning
  • Works with recent Android and IOS smartphones
  • Free apps available


  • No SDK available

Product Specification

Sutiable for: IOS & Android phone or tablet Weight: 113 gram
Material: 35 Shore-softness HE-foam Color: Grey with silver
Dimensions: 72mm x 72mm x 72mm


Merge cube

  • How do I clean the Merge cube? arrow-forward

    The Merge Cube is made from a durable, light and high quality foam that is easy to clean. To clean the Cube you can use water with mild soap. It is important you dry the cube afterwards with a towel. You can also clean the Merge cube with a disinfectant wipe.

  • Is the Merge EDU software included with the merge cube? arrow-forward

    No but there are multiple free applications and visualizations available without a Merge EDU license like the free options for Merge Explorer, Object viewer and Hologlobe.

  • Can I use my own 3D visualizations? arrow-forward

    Merge EDU allows for 3D objects being uploaded and used to view it with the Merge Cube. However, it is  not possible to upload your own developed training programs or interactive 3D visualizations.

  • Is it possible to use the Merge cube with a smartglass? arrow-forward

    No, it is not possible to use the Merge cube with a smartglass like a RealWear, Vuzix or Google glass. It is possible this feature is added in the future but unlikely as the target use of the headsets don’t align well with the target of Merge.

  • My cube isn't showing the visualizations, what can I do? arrow-forward

    Make sure to use the Merge cube in a well-lit area. If you are in a dark area it is possible to turn on the flashlight through the application. 

    If the Augmented reality disappears and you see the actual cube, you might be holding the cube too fast to the camera or moving it too fast. It is also possible your hand is blacking the tracking visualization on the cube.

  • Is my device compatible with the Merge cube? arrow-forward

    The Merge cube and the Merge EDU apps are recommended for the following devices:

    • iPhone 8 or newer
    • iPod Touch gen 7 or newer
    • iPad 10.2, iPad Mini 5, iPad Air 3, iPad Pro 11”, iPad Pro 12.9” or newer
    • Google Pixel 1 or newer
    • Samsung Galaxy S8 or newer
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 & newer

    The Merge cube is usable for any Apple devices running IOS 11 and newer or Android devices running Android 8 OS and newer.

  • What is a Merge paper Cube? arrow-forward

    Merge Paper cubes are printable paper or cardboard sheets that can be folded into a cube which have the same markings as the foam Merge Cube. The paper cube is ideal for a trial with the Merge EDU platform to see what is possible with the software. The paper cube has the same functionalities as the foam cube but for longer term use it is recommended to use the original Merge Cube. The paper Merge cube can experience slight tracking issues, is less comfortable to hold and may break easily.

    When requesting a Merge EDU trial from VR Expert we will include a printable sheet of the Merge cube and a trial of Merge EDU so you can test the possibilities yourself!

  • Are there free software options available? arrow-forward

    Yes Merge cube can be used with multiple free software solutions like Hologlobe, Merge Explorer and a trial version of Merge EDU.

  • What happens when I drop the Merge cube? arrow-forward

    Nothing! The cube is made of a durable foam that is slightly bouncy. The cube won’t get damaged when dropped from any height.

  • What software options are there available for schools? arrow-forward

    You can purchase the Merge Cube with Merge EDU, a software program specially made for usage in the classroom. We offer a classroom license (30 users) and a schoolwide license (user for every student at the school).

    With Merge EDU you can access every training and AR program made for the Merge cube. These training programs are designed to function well in the classroom.

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