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Thermal camera module (Navigator 500)

450,- excl. VAT

  • Official RealWear distributor
  • Suitable for RealWear Navigator 500 & 520
  • Hands-free thermal imaging
  • 1 year warranty
In Stock

Product information RealWear FLIR Thermal Camera

The RealWear FLIR Thermal Camera is a separate module for the RealWear Navigator 500, that replaces the standard 48MP camera module, with a dual-camera module that comes with a 48MP camera and a thermal sensor. The RealWear FLIR Thermal Camera module was developed with Teledyne FLIR, the world’s leading manufacturer of infrared products. The RealWear FLIR Thermal Camera is suitable for a wide range of applications, like electrical inspections, motor and pump checks or building diagnostics.


  • Hands-Free Thermal Imaging
  • Spot issues before they become a problem
  • Multiple Image Modes
  • IP 66 Rating
  • Dual-Camera Modes
  • Compatible with FLIR Thermal Studio
  • Works with RealWear Navigator 500


  • Not suitable for RealWear HMT-1

Product Specification

Suitable for RealWear Navigator 500 Model Thermal camera module (Navigator 500) EAN Number 602822748520
Thermal Imaging Thermal Sensor FLIR Lepton 3.5 Temperature Range: -20 to 400° C
Voice controlled Thermal Resolution 160×120 pixels Visual Camera Sensor: 48 MP Sensor
Frame Rate: 8.7 Hz Visual Camera Resolution: 12 MP, 1080p 60fps video
FOV: 71° diagonal IP Rating: IP66
Spectral Range: 8 to 14µm Warranty: 1 year

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