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Samsung USB C flashdrive 256GB

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Product Information Samsung USB C flashdrive 256GB

The Samsung USB C flashdrive 256GB is designed to expand the storage of Pico G3 and other VR headsets with a USB-C port, allowing you to display and load content directly to the headset. The Flash Drive is able to transfer data up to 400 MB/s enabling you to display high-fidelity content smoothly enhancing your VR Experience. The Flashdrive features a 5 Year Limited Warranty & is compatible with most VR Headsets with a USB-C Port with the exception of Meta Headsets.


  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 400MB/s Streaming
  • 256GB Memory


  • Not compatible with Meta Headsets
  • Pertrudes out of the side of the Headset

Product Specification

Model: Samsung USB C flashdrive 256GB EAN Number: 8806092535909
Suitable For: Pico G3 / Non-Meta USB-C Headsets Speed: 400MB/s
Brand: Samsung Color: Blue
Input: USB-C Warranty: 5 Years


Samsung USB C flashdrive 256GB

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