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TitanSkinVR Retractable system


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  • Suitable for all TitanSkinVR Cases
  • 1 year warranty

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Product information TitanSkinVR Retractable system

In combination with the TitanSkinVR case, the TitanSkinVR retractable system allows the headsets to be hung from above.

Firstly, the retractable system fixes the headset in place and in combination with a TitanSkinVR case, protects the headset from theft and other damage.

Secondly, the retractable system is also adjustable in height, so it can be customized for any height.

The TitanSkinVR retractable system needs to be combined with a TitanSkinVR Case for safe attachment. Together with the TitanSkinVR 5m USB-C cable, the setup ensures that the headsets are continuously charged and protected from any risks.

Pros and cons

VR headset is fixed in place

Protected against theft

Ideal in combination with TitanSkinVR Case and 5m cable

Product specifications

Retractable: Yes Color: Silver
Works with: All TitanSkinVR Cases Warranty: 1 year
Suitable for: Pico G2 4K, Pico Neo 3, Pico 4, Pico G3, Meta Quest 2, HP Reverb G2, HTC Vive Pro, HTC Vive Focus 3


TitanSkinVR Retractable System