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Buying VR glasses can be a challenge, buying multiple VR glasses makes it even more difficult. Whether you want to buy one virtual reality glasses for the home, or a hundred copies for a company, you have to make an informed choice based on clear information. If you want to buy VR glasses you have come to the right place, on this page you can find a list of nine points of interest that are important when purchasing virtual reality glasses and accessories.

1. Buy one VR headset

When you are looking for one virtual reality headset for personal use, you don’t really have to consider connectivity. Many systems can be linked via an internet connection, offline linking can be more difficult. Don’t just look at the purchase price, pay attention to the functionality, the apps and what you expect from it.

2. Buy multiple VR glasses

Companies in particular invest in multiple devices. It is also possible to purchase different models for various applications, or to apply uniformity so that maintenance and configuration are easier. With multiple VR glasses you can go to specialized dealers who also offer support, you can not just outsource the maintenance to the technical service. You can buy multiple Pico G2 4K on our website and get extra services. 

3. Price

Especially with a larger number of VR glasses, the price will be a factor, after all, the costs can add up considerably. Keep in mind that the expenses don’t stop with the purchase of the device. The same title for the Oculus Go often costs less than for the Quest with little or no extra functionality. Buying more expensive VR glasses usually also means buying more expensive software. This also applies to accessories such as controllers and tracking boxes, sometimes a PC or laptop is also required. Always look at the big picture, not just the price for the device.

4. Wearing comfort

Why would you choose the HTC Vive Pro and not just the standard Vive, or choose for the Pico g2 4K which is very comfortable due to ergonomic design. The improved ergonomic design may play a role. For example, when you spend hours in the virtual world for work or long gaming sessions, wearing comfort will be very important. An architect who designs in virtual reality needs a comfortable headset. Weight does not say everything, the weight distribution is more important. You can buy heavier VR glasses that are more pleasant to wear.

5. Ease of use

A luxury PC VR headset will also require the most expertise to use. Any peripherals you plug into a PC require configuration, and it will certainly go wrong installing an app or connecting a device. Standalone devices such as the Oculus Go or the Pico G2 work right out of the box but come with limitations. Your grandma will love walking in “Wander” on the Go, but probably doesn’t need Google Earth in VR. And the opposite is true for the grandson.

6. Movement

Only rotate or move freely, 3DoF or 6DoF. For relaxed 360 video on the couch, or Netflix from your bed, you do not need full movement. For full-body games or fitness apps, however. The freedom of movement can differ per system, with options varying considerably. When buying VR glasses you have to pay attention to room-scale VR, inside-out tracking or with external trackers, VR controllers with or without 6DoF registration, etc. Comparing is not easy, ask the expert.

7. Connectivity

As an organization you can buy a hundred VR glasses, and it turns out that you cannot pair them to watch the same video in a group. This is not a standard feature, this is made possible with smart software such as VR Sync. For working in class you could work with Google Expeditions, with which you can designate a “host” or teacher who operates the VR headsets of students via a tablet. But this does not work on all hardware. Often connectivity runs via the internet, there are also local wireless solutions such as the VR Sync box from Owl VR.

8. Apps

What good are 1000 apps if you don’t find 999 interesting? Gear VR and Oculus Go both have a huge choice of titles, when you have custom VR apps made, you have no use for that. Unlike the Pico store, which does not have a lot of games. The choice of software and the needs of the user largely determine the VR glasses that you can best buy. So don’t just look at the technical specifications of the device. 

9. Virtual reality accessories

In addition to the virtual reality headset, you may need external trackers, extra controllers, a PC or laptop with a suitable graphics card, in other words, with VR glasses you are often not there yet. Sometimes a large number of options can be an advantage because you can configure the system to your liking as is the case with the HTC Vive, sometimes simplicity is a lot more practical, making the more limited Oculus Quest a better option. When used on one

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