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Pico 4 128 GB

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The Pico 4 is an all-in-one VR headset that can be used as standalone or with a PC. The Pico 4 is incredibly lightweight and comfortable. The device has a 4K+ display. Pico requires no social media account for use of the device. Games and apps can be accessed through the Pico store and SteamVR store.

  • Including 128 GB of storage
  • Weighs only 295 grams

View also the 256GB model

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    • How long does it take to fully charge my Pico 4?

      It takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge your headset.
    • How much does the Pico 4 weigh?

      The Pico 4 is 586 grams. This is lighter than the Pico 3 (620 grams). The main reason for this difference is the new Pancake display type which requires less space and weight.
    • How much internal storage does the Pico 4 have?

      The Pico 4 has an internal storage of either 128 or 256 GB to make sure you can store all your games and other media. It has 8GB of RAM.
    • What is the Field of view of the Pico 4?

      The field of view (FoV) of the Pico 4 is 105 degrees. This is more than the Meta Quest 2 which has a 97 degree horizontal and 93 degree vertical FoV.
    • What is the resolution of the Pico 4?

      The Pico 4 has a resolution of 4K+. This translates to 2160 by 2160 pixels per eye, 1200 Pixels per inch.
    • What kind of display does the Pico 4 have?

      The Pico 4 has an LCD display and uses pancake lenses. The innovative pancake lenses allow for the thinner and lighter form factor. Furthermore, the display has a refresh rate of 72 or 90 Hz, depending on what is being played/shown.
    • What kind of tracking does the Pico 4 use?

      The Pico 4 uses inside-out tracking. This means there are no external base stations needed to determine the room around you. The headset uses 5 integrated cameras to achieve this.
    • Does the Pico 4 have a built-in speaker and microphone?

      Yes, the Pico 4 has built-in speakers and a microphone.

    Games & Media

    • Where can I buy and download games for the headset?

      The Pico 4 will have access to the Pico store on the headset itself and can use the SteamVR store for when it’s streaming content from your computer.
    • What languages does the Pico 4 support?

      The Pico 4 works in the following languages: English, Japanese, Mandarin, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Italian and French.


    • Is it possible to use the Pico 4 with glasses on?

      Yes you can still use the Pico 4 headset while wearing glasses. The maximum width of the glasses is 16cm.
    • Is it possible to get a discount for the Pico 4?

      Yes, if you have bought a Pico 3 Link before the launch of the Pico 4 from VR Expert you should have received an Email with a coupon code for 35% off! This coupon code works until 22-12-2022.
    • How long does the warranty last for the Pico 4?

      The Pico 4 warranty lasts for 2 years at VR Expert. This includes any factory defects, User neglect or damage (drops, sun damage, etc) are not covered.
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