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Vtol VR is a flight simulator with a fighter plane. The game is specially made for VR. And it shows. You can really click on or turn over every button in the cockpit. You have all the possibilities that a pilot has. With Vtol VR, your flying skills are seriously put to the test.

There are several vehicles to play with: the A/V-42C, F/A-26B, F-45A and the AH-94. You can also choose from helicopters and fighter jets.

Vtol Vr is a solo/multiplayer game. You can perform missions against the computer. You can also have a spectacular dogfight against other players, in different environments and scenarios. Vtol VR is completely playable without extra equipment. You don’t need a flying baton to control the plane accurately.

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Category:  Simulation

Price: 25,99

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