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Eden Cloud Subscription

499,- excl. VAT

1 Year License. See Pricing

  • Get insights and monitor your Eden VR Solutions
  • Remotely manage hardware and deploy experiences
  • Reasons to buy from VR Expert
  • Get 2,5% off your order when buying hardware & software

What is the Eden Experience Build?

The Eden Cloud Subscription enhances use of the Eden VR Solution through providing unique analytics to help better understand consumer’s but also manage multiple Snacker’s and Station’s both on And off site.

The Eden Cloud Subscription allows a variety of benefits including viewing usage analytics to better optimise the solution offered and understand users. Remotely managing hardware enabling managers to monitor device health, battery life, storage alongside the simulations available on each device providing effective on and off site support. The Eden Cloud Subscription comes with a 1 year license to manage your Eden VR Solutions.

Software features

Usage Analytics

The Eden Cloud subscription allows you to view usage analytics to understand how your users view and engage with the VR Content on your Eden VR Solution. You are able to view General Statistics about the device and usage alongside Content Specific Statistics allowing you to tailor your VR Solution to your users and understand preferences maximizing your ROI.

Manage VR Content

The Eden Cloud Subscription allows you to customize the content available on your Eden VR Solution dependent on the device, location and event. This includes uploading, updating and removing content. This allows you to provide a tailored solution to users to maximize engagement and interaction at events.

MDM Solution

The Eden Cloud Subscription allows you to manage your Eden VR Solutions remotely with worldwide connectivity, providing the Eden Station is connected to the Internet. This allows you to run multiple sessions at different locations with different content meaning you can effectively manage your devices to different unique use cases. You are also able to get notifications about device health allowing you to identify and prevent any issues which could affect the user experience before they happen.

Everything at one place

Hardware, software and service

Reasons to buy from VR Expert

Compatible products

The Eden Cloud Subscription. The subscription can be used with the following devices: Eden Station, Eden Snacker.

Eden Snacker SNK-01
1.299,- excl. VAT
Eden Station STS-01
1.699,- excl. VAT

Choose a plan for your organization

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Eden Cloud Subscription

  • Get insights and monitor your Eden VR Solutions
  • Remotely manage hardware
  • Deploy experiences

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