Enhance Learning with Virtual Reality

Enhance Learning with Virtual Reality

Whether as an educational institute or employer, the transfer of knowledge is an important component in many areas, in which it is important to always keep it as simple and effective as possible. By using VR education, these processes can be optimized significantly. In VR, students or trainees can not only completely immerse themselves in educational content but even actively interact with it. This results in steeper learning curves and ultimately enhanced learning results.

How VR is already applied in education and trainingprograms

Here are some examples below of the incredible capabilities of VR in education and training programs, .

Virtual reality to educate and train

So now that you know that it works, time to show all of the areas where you could benefit from it in your organization:


Virtual reality turns lessons into journeys of discovery

Virtual reality has already revolutionized the way we learn in many schools. Teaching content can now not only be read as text but can also be experienced first-hand in virtual reality.

The use of VR leads to significantly increased student engagement. In addition, the immersive content ensures that learning can be better processed and memorized. Virtual reality can break up the entrenched processes and procedures in schools and lead them on the path toward digitization.

  • Experience educational content firsthand
  • Higher participation of the students
  • Combining learning with fun
  • Steeper learning curves

“Students were able to take a typical tri-fold folding board presentation to an in-depth virtual field trip. Their presentation skills were stretched by adding the VR component and the best part of this was that it was student driven!”

- Dawn Jones - St Andrew’s School


More focus and higher engagement – with virtual reality training

The use of virtual reality training, regardless of the industry, ensures that employees show higher commitment and dedication. The advantage of virtual training is that any situation can be run through in advance as many times as necessary.

Training in virtual reality increases safety in the workplace, as employees have already successfully performed a task several times in virtual reality when they perform it for the first time in real life.

  • Experience educational content firsthand
  • Higher participation of the students
  • Combining learning with fun


These packages combine Hardware with pre-installed software.

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  • Who is VR Expert?

    VR Expert is Europe’s leading provider of VR & AR hardware. Active in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. With offices in Utrecht and Cologne. Our mission is to help companies successfully implement VR&AR hardware solutions.
  • Are you partners with the products mentioned on this page?

    We are official partners of the brands mentioned on this page and work closely together with them.
  • Which quality marks do you have?

    We are registered with the Thuiswinkel Quality Mark. The Stichting Certificering Thuiswinkel has granted us an official certificate for the quality and reliability of our services
  • Are you official resellers?

    For all products in our portfolio we are official resellers. Almost daily we have direct contact with various manufacturers.


  • Which headset is most suitable for Education solutions?

    Which headset is most suitable for you depends on the goal you want to achieve. If you're going to use the headset for 360-degree videos and light interactions we recommend the Pico G2 4K. For more demanding applications like training programs and simulations, we recommend a Pico 4 Enterprise or a PC VR headset like the HP Reverb G2 V2.
  • Do you offer additional services?

    Yes, besides just selling VR headsets to our customers we also offer an installation service where we install your content onto the headsets. We also provide support service that allows you to call us with any technical questions you may have about your VR headset.


  • Does VR Expert have experience with VR being used in Education?

    Yes, we have worked with multiple schools and companies aiming to improve their training programs. Besides, we are partners with TeachVR and provide them with the VR headsets and support them in case something goes wrong.
  • Where can I learn more about potential news about the development of VR in Education & training?

    We will update this page with new use cases and information as technology will allow for more and more possibilities. Besides this page, we also offer a unique blog platform with the latest news about virtual- and augmented reality.
  • Do you deliver throughout Europe?

    We deliver throughout Europe. In the Netherlands and Germany you can expect the package the next day.

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