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Flight Case (20 pcs)


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  • Suitable for travel and shipping
  • 1 year warranty

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Product Information

The Flight case is a robust and transportable case that is ideally suited for the transport of your stand alone virtual reality headsets.

The Flight case has 3 key advantages:

Firstly the Flight case is very robust thanks to its IP67 water, dust and fall resistant certifications. So your VR sets are safe and secure when transporting.

The second advantage of the Flight case is that it can be used for travel and shipping. The wheels and lever make it easy to travel to any events, fairs or other travel one might face. But the Flight case is also robust enough & lockable with padlocks and cable ties which makes it suitable for shipping purposes as well.

Finally, the Flight case comes with one solid foam layer and one fully customisable foam layer so you can easily fit it to your exact requirements. The Flight case is large enough to transport up to 20 stand alone VR headsets at a time.

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Pros and cons


Suitable for travel and shipping

Customisable foam layer

Easily transport 20 stand alone headsets

Weighs over 10 KG

Very large case

Product specifications

Material: Technique polypropylene + glass fiber Dimensions: 62.6 x 49.5 x 30.3 cm
Color: Grey Weight: 10.2 KG
Suitable for: All stand alone headsets Certifications IP67 Water, dust, fall and chemical slip resistant
Warranty: 1 year


Flight Case

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