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HTC VIVE Business + Ultimate

552,- excl. VAT

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HTC VIVE Business+

This enterprise-level, web-based application allows you to manage your VIVE Focus 3 devices. It gives you efficiency and ease—all in one place. Optimize and scale up your operation with remote device and content management. Maximize your VIVE all-in-one hardware capabilities with advanced features and customization.

Device Management

Quickly enroll your headsets, update hardware settings/configurations, and manage your devices remotely.

Quick and easy device enrollment

Headset enrollment with QR code scanning

Enter basic information and set your Wi-Fi options for the device. Then, generate a QR code. Use the headset to scan the code to enroll the device. It’s that simple.

Manage and monitor your devices

Group management

Create a group for your devices to quickly and efficiently deploy updates. Easily add or remove devices to a group to apply settings. Change group settings for ROM, apps, maps, and batch configuration and see instant updates across all your grouped devices. All done over the air.

Remote content management

Content library

Accessing and managing content across an organization is never easy. VIVE Business+ allows you to remotely upload and manage all your apps and versions in the cloud. Upload your own .apk and .obb files. Centrally maintain and scale your deployments with confidence.

Content deployment and updates

Distribute apps over the air to an individual headset or groups of headsets from your library. Keep devices running smoothly with up-to-date content. Push app updates and verify their install status.

Advanced features and customization

More than your standard device management system

Get the most out of your VIVE all-in-one headset. Customize your device settings to your needs. We offer features specifically optimized for our hardware—including VIVE Location-Based Software Suite, Kiosk Mode, and more.

Customized user experience

Deliver a branded user experience. Skip the out-of-box experience (OOBE), and show your startup logo and animation instead. Customize system functions and user interfaces to meet your needs.

Kiosk Mode

Eliminate distractions with Kiosk Mode. Lock users to the experience you want when using the headset. Kiosk mode has a variety of options for customizing your device, including tutorials, app permissions, network security, and more, all designed to meet your various business needs.

Visual Odometry (VO) Mode

Allow each user to jump right into virtual experiences without any special setup every time with VO Mode. Offer users the possibility to fluidly try and rotate products among themselves. Quickly deploy event experiences, VR-based training programs, and more in different environments.

VIVE Location-Based Software Suite

Gain access to Location-Based Software Suite features specifically designed to enhance location-based services and training scenarios for VIVE Focus 3. Advanced tracking and map-sharing features created for multi-user, free-roam experiences are ready to use in a single solution.

Everything at one place

Hardware, software and service

Reasons to buy from VR Expert

Compatible products

VIVE Business+ Pro and Ultimate let’s you unlock the truepotential of the HTC VIVE Focus 3. It acts as a powerful LBE software, MDM and customizing tool. If you purchase the VIVE Business+ License in combination with a headset you get a 2,5% discount on your order!

HTC Vive Focus 3
1.249,- excl. VAT

Choose a plan for your organization

We give you the option to decide how much you need to use.

/per 3 years


  • Remote Device control
  • Advanced Device Status
  • VIVE Focus 3 Location Based Software Suite
  • Kiosk mode
  • Custom UI settings
/per 3 years


  • All features in Pro
  • Remote content management
  • Custom boot sequence
  • 5GB Cloud storage

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