Is Huawei developing a 6DoF VR Headset?

Huawei already has several VR products, although the company has often ignored this technology until now. The Chinese tech giant saw VR often as an afterthought for its smartphones, such as Samsung also saw the Samsung Gear VR. However, a recent patent application for a VR controller shows that Huawei is probably working on a VR headset. 

Probably a new Huawei 6DoF headset

The Huawei patent resembles the Oculus Touch controller, with an LED ring for optical 6DoF-tracking. Huawei probably does not make this design for a third party, but would have plans for their own headset. 

However, this does not mean that the company is actively developing a VR headset, but during the development of a headset, several patent applications are first filed.

When will the Huawei VR headset be released?

If Huawei develops a VR headset, it would likely be revealed at a major event. Such as MWC 2021, which is held in the near future.

Huawei currently sells one consumer VR headset, a 3DoF headset with a single controller. This headset is often compared to the Gear VR, Grey Owl, and the Oculus Go.

Trade war between China and America

Huawei is selling fewer smartphones due to the US sanctions against China. It would not be strange if Huawei is looking for replacement revenue streams, such as a new VR headset. 

Huawei’s other VR projects 

Huawei said in a press release in 2019 that it sees a lot of potential in the VR market. For example, in collaboration with VR OpenLab, it developed a cloud for the VR business and made consumer VR glasses. Would Huawei still enter the VR market late, just like Apple?

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