How to navigate the Vuzix M4000?

Last modified: September 15, 2021
In this article you will learn about the basic user controls for the Vuzix M4000. The Vuzix M4000 is predominantly controlled via the touchpad and buttons found on the right side of the smart glasses above the temple. If the situation arises it is also possible to control the headset via voice. Touchpad
Single tap with 1 finger Wake up the display
Single tap with 3 fingers Turns off display
Swiping forwards & backwards with 1 finger Scroll through menu, navigate the keyboard or forward/rewind video
Single tap with 2 fingers Go to previous screen
Pressing for 1 second with 1 finger To activate menu
Pressing for 1 second with 2 fingers Return to the home screen
Swiping up/down with 1 finger Navigate through vertical list
Swiping up/down with 2 fingers Change volume
Swipe forwards with 2 fingers Delete
Swipe backwards with 2 fingers Backspace
Short press Front: Open menu  Center: go to home menu  Rear: go back one step
Long press Front: forward navigation Center: backwards navigation Rear: Select
Bonjour Vuzix This starts the speech recognition software
Go/move left/right Navigate through horizontal menu
Go/move up/down Navigate through vertical menu
Go to sleep Puts the Vuzix Blade Upgraded in sleep mode
Cancel, close, go back, done Navigates back to the previous screen
Go home, quit, exit Return to the home screen
Volume up/down Change volume
Speech commands Opens list with available speech commands
Start recording. take a picture Opens camera app
Select this, pick this Start recording, take a photo when camera app is open
view/open notifications Opens all notifications
Clear notifications Clear notifications
Voice off To stop the speech recognition software
You now know the basic gestures and user controls for the Vuzix M4000.
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