How to replace the Pico G2 4K face padding

Last modified: November 22, 2021
In this article we will explain how to replace the Pico G2 4K face padding. What is needed:  To replace the face padding from the Pico G2 4K follow these steps:
  1. Carefully pull the face pad away from the headset.
  2. Now that the face pad should have come off we recommend to clean the inner part of your Pico G2 4K.
  3. Use a wet wipe to clean the inner part. Make sure you let the inner part dry before replacing the face padding.
  4. Now that the inner part has been cleaned and is dry again align the new face pad with the headset.
  5. Gently press along the inner edges of the face pad to attach the small lip around the inside.
  6. Go all the way around to make sure the face pad is firmly attached to the headset.
Your Pico G2 4K facepad should now be replaced.
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