How to screen record the Vuzix M4000?

Last modified: September 15, 2021
In this article you will learn how to record the screen of the Vuzix M4000. What is needed:
  • Vuzix M4000
  • Wi-Fi (if you don’t have the Screen Camera app yet)
How to record the screen of the Vuzix M4000
  1. First you have to download the Screen Camera app. (, if you do not know how to download or install an application on your Vuzix M4000 read our article about it.
  2. After you have installed the screen camera app on your Vuzix M4000, start the application.
  3. Click on ‘record screen’ to start recording your screen.
3.1 For a screen shot, you can click on ‘screenshot.’ The screen of your Vuzix M4000 should now be recording. How to stop the screen recording on your Vuzix M4000
  1. Open the Screen Camera app.
  2. Click on ‘End recording’ to stop screen recording.
The screen recording should now be stopped.
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