How to set HP Reverb G2 in video kiosk mode

Last modified: September 20, 2021
In this article, setting up the video kiosk mode on the HP Reverb G2 will be discussed.

What is needed:

  • HP Reverb G2
  • Controllers
  • Computer
  • Internet connection
  • (optional) Local video files

How to watch videos in Kiosk mode

  1. Open Windows Mixed Reality Portal
  2. Press the windows button on the controller to open the menu
  3. Navigate to the Movies & TV app
  4. A window will pop-up that can be resized or set to follow
  1. Resizing makes the windows static. The window does not move but you can move around it.
  2. ‘Set to follow’ makes a window follow you while navigating through WMR Portal.
  1. Choose the video you want to watch
Within the WMR portal there already is a ‘cinema room’ where a Movies & TV app is already opened up. Within this app you can buy or rent movies and series. You can also play files that are locally saved to your computer.
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