How to set the Pico Neo 3 in video kiosk mode

Last modified: March 25, 2022
In this article, we will walk through how to set your Pico neo 3 into video Kiosk mode

What is needed:

  • Pico neo 3
  • Windows PC
  • Mini-USB to USB cable
  • A 360 video in MP4 format
Important* if your Pico neo 3 is already in Video Kiosk mode we recommend removing it before proceeding. How to take your Pico neo 3 out of Kiosk mode (Link to Article)
  1. On your Windows PC rename the videos
    1. Start the video name with a number (01_, 02_ &, etc) the videos will be played in this order
    2. End the video name with the type of video it is (Use the table below to find the corresponding video type)
      • 2D video _2D
      • 3D video with left and right side images combined. _3D_LR
      • 3D video with top and bottom side images combined. _3D_TB
      • 360 video _360
      • 3D 360 video in top and bottom format. _3D360_TB
      • 3D 360 video in top and bottom format. _3D360_LR
      • 180 video _180
      • 3D 180 video in top and bottom format. _3D180_TB
      • 3D 180 video in left and right format. _3D180_LR
  2. Next, create a new folder on your Windows PC with one of the following names
    • Name the folder “video_replay” if you want the video to play from the beginning when the headset is put on.
    • Name the folder “video_continue” if you want the video to continue where it left off when turned off or taken off during sessions.
  3. After creating this folder, copy and paste your desired videos to this folder on your Windows PC.
  4. Connect your Pico neo 3 headset to the Windows PC using the Mini-USB to USB cable.
  5. On your Windows PC, click File Explorer > This PC > *Pico Device Name*
  6. Copy and Paste the folder with the videos into the main directory of the Pico headset. 
  7. Now Place your Pico Headset into Developer Mode. See, how to place your Pico neo 3 into Developer mode.
  8. Install the following files below onto your Pico headset. See, how to install an APK on your Pico neo 3 headset.
  9. Reboot the Pico neo 3, this can be done by turning the headset off and on again. The Videos should now be played automatically.
Your Pico neo 3 should now be in kiosk mode.
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