How to use the Vuzix Companion App?

Last modified: December 29, 2021
In this article you will learn how to use the Vuzix Companion App.

What is needed:

  • Vuzix Blade Upgraded
  • Smartphone 

How to use the Vuzix Companion App

  1. Open the Vuzix Companion App on your smartphone.
  2. On the home screen you will find basic information about the Vuzix Blade Upgraded which include:
  • If the Vuzix Blade Upgraded is connected to a smartphone.
  • If Wi-Fi is enabled.
  • The battery percentage of the Vuzix Blade Upgraded.
  • How much internal storage is left in percentage.
  • If there is a microSD card connected and how much storage is left on the card.
3. On the bottom middle there is a button called ‘Apps’ this opens the Apps menu. 3.1 In this menu you can manage the installed apps on your Vuzix Blade Upgraded, by clicking on the gearwheel icon on the right of that specific app.
  1. On the bottom right you will find a button called ‘Settings’ if you click on this it will open the settings menu.
4.1 in this menu you can change the settings on your Vuzix Blade Upgraded. You are now able to use the Vuzix Companion App.
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