How to use Youtube VR on the Pico G2 4K?

Last modified: May 4, 2022
The Pico G2 4K is often praised for its beautiful 4K screen and how pleasant it is to watch 360 videos on the headset. It is therefore a shame that there is no built-in YouTube application available on the Pico. However, it is possible to watch YouTube videos via a detour. 

What is needed:

  • Wifi connection
  • A pico G2 4K
  • Firefox reality
Important* Make sure to have the Firefox reality application installed on the Pico G2 4K. 

Using Youtube VR on the Pico G2 4K

  1. Go to the Firefox XR application
  2. Search for youtube vr in the search engine
  3. Click on youtube
  4. Search the video you want to see
  5. At the bottom of the video you will see 4 icons, press on the third icon from the left (which looks like a VR headset) a menu will open.
  6. In this menu select ‘360.’
The YouTube video should now be playing in 360 mode.
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