RealWear HMT-1 Getting Started Guide

Last modified: August 4, 2021

Step 1: Fitting the Realwear HMT-1 and starting it up

  1. Place the display close to your eyes
  2. Place the display underneath your eye in an upwards angle
  3. Press and hold the power button for three seconds to start the device

Step 2: Connect device to Wifi  (optional use “Realwear Companion App” see p…. )

This guide will explain how to connect the RealWear HMT-1 to the Wi-Fi.

What is needed:

  • RealWear HMT-1
  1. Make sure you are in the home menu  (“navigate home”)
  2. Say “My Programs”
  3. Say “Settings”
  4. Say “Network & Internet”
  5. Say “Wireless Networks”
  6. Say “Show help” to show numbers
  7. Say  “Hide Help’’ to close help menu
  8. Say  “Select Item (number)” to select your network
  9. Fill in your password by hovering over the letters and saying “select”.
  10. Say “Close keyboard” 
  11. Say “Connect”

Step 3: Start Programm

With this guide we will walk through how to start programm on the RealWear HMT-1.

What is needed:

  • RealWear HMT-1
  1. Say “ Navigate home” (to make sure you are in the home menu)
  2. Say  “My programs”
  3. Say “programm name” (whichever programm you want to start)
OR   Say “Select Item (number)” (item number of the programm)

How to install the Realwear Companion app

What is needed:

  • RealWear HMT-1
  • Or Smartphone
The purpose of the companion app is to easily configure your Realwear HMT-1 by generating QR Codes on your smartphone. You can download the app on your Smartphone from the app- or play store by searching: ``Realwear Companion``. 

It doesn’t react to my voice. What do I do?              

  1. Restart the headset.
  2. Do not touch any buttons.
  3. If that doesn’t work, contact support.

How to set volume?

  1.  From the home menu (“Navigate Home”).
  2. Say “My Controls”.
  3. Say “Volume”.
  4. Set level “Number”.
Warning. The action button, located next to the power button, mutes the microphone of the Realwear.                                                                       

How to select numbered options

  1.  Say “Show Help” to see numbers given to selectable options if not shown already.
  2. Say `Hide Help’ to close the help menu.
  3. Select the option by saying: ‘Select item number’.

How do I turn on the flashlight?

  1. Say “My Controls”.
  2. Say “Flashlight On”.

Voice command overview

Voice Command Action
it for Navigate Home Go to the Home Screen
Navigate Back Go to Previous Screen
My Controls Go to System Control Panel
Mute Microphone Mutes the microphone 
My Notifications Opens the notification section
Recent Applications Opens Applications running in background
Show Help Shows help commands for current screen
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