What are the differences between the Vuzix Blade Upgraded and the Vuzix Blade?

Last modified: April 15, 2022
This article explains what differences the Vuzix Blade and Vuzix Upgraded have. The main differences in the Blade Upgraded compared to the original Blade are as follows:
  1. Stability and equipment
  2. Accessories
  3. Certification
  4. Battery and Processor
  5. Memory of Vuzix Blade Upgraded
  6. Controls and functions
  7. Camera and display of Vuzix Blade Upgraded
  1. Stability and equipment
Overall, the Vuzix Blade Upgraded is more stable, which is due to the reinforced temples. In addition, the Upgraded Vuzix Blade comes with safety lenses as standard. An addition that was not available on the original Blade.
  1. Accessories 
In addition, you can expand the setup of the Upgraded by adding sunglass lenses or a power bank. This option was previously not possible on the old Blade and has now been added to the portfolio by Vuzix.
  1. Certification
The headset has EN 166 documentation, which meets all EU requirements for personal eye protection. In addition, it has ANSI Z87.1 certification. This means that unlike the Blade, the Upgraded is equipped with an international safety standard for face protection devices. The goal of the ANSI standard is to ensure that the same safety standards can be applied to US eyewear worldwide. 
  1. Battery and processor
The battery of the Vuzix Blade upgraded is the same as in the first model and brings a power of 470 mAh. In terms of duration, this corresponds to a cycle of up to 8h. The upgraded Blade uses the same Quad Core ARM Processor as in the predecessor.
  1. Memory of Vuzix Blade Upgraded
The flash memory is equal to 8GB and the RAM is 1GB. It is possible to store multiple files on the Upgraded. It is also possible to send and receive larger data via remote connections. You can still expand the memory with an external microSD card. They installed the same memory that was in the normal Blade.
  1. Control and functions 
Now you can also control the smart glasses via voice command. The biggest difference here is the built-in audio in the Upgraded, which allows remote connections and verbal exchanges without an extra headset. It offers full Bluetooth and WiFi functionality and has noise cancellation up to 95 decibels. The latter was not available on the regular Blade. To that end, the glasses can only be worn with the interface aligned on the right eye.
  1. Camera and display of Vuzix Blade Upgraded
There are two other software innovations. The camera now comes with autoscan. You have better photo quality, as autofocusing means you won’t be bothered by shakiness and a stable image in HD quality will be obtained. The camera itself is just like the Blade with an 8MP lens and 720 pixel video. In addition, the Waveguide implementation provides improved transparency and a sharper interface display at the same time. The technology enables AR viewing on curved lenses. As a result, the Upgraded offers a more comfortable view and an improved AR experience.
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