What kind of head/earphones can be used with the Pico G2 4K support?

Last modified: April 16, 2021
The Pico G2 4K has a 3.5 mm audio jack on the underside of the headset. All headphones / earphones with this input will be supported by the Pico G2 4K. Also, Bluetooth headphones / earphones are also supported. 

What is needed:

  • Pico G2 4K
  • Bluetooth headphones/earphones
Important* make sure the Pico G2 4K has it Bluetooth enabled

How to connect a headphone / earphone with audio jack to the Pico G2 4K

  1. Turn on the Pico G2 4K
  2. Plug in the audio jack of the headphone at the bottom of the Pico G2 4K
  3. You should now have sound via the headphone.

How to connect a Bluetooth headphone / earphone to the Pico g2 4K

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth device and put it in pairing mode.
  2. Turn the Pico G2 4K on and put it on.
  3. On the homescreen look up to see a Bluetooth icon.
  4. Hover over the Bluetooth icon and press the big button on the right side of the headset. This will open the Bluetooth menu.
  5. If Bluetooth is turned off, turn it on.
  6. The Pico G2 4K should be automatically searching for Bluetooth devices.
  7. Under ‘other devices’ your Bluetooth device should show up.
  8. Select the Bluetooth device you want to connect to and press the big button on the right side of the headset.
  9. Click on ‘pair device.’
Your Bluetooth device should now be connected to the Pico G2 4K.
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