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Look & Play License – 1 Year

80,- excl. VAT

Per year, per headset. See Pricing

  • User-enabled playback of 360 video content
  • Works with Oculus and Pico headsets
  • Reasons to buy from VR Expert
  • Get 2,5% off your order when buying hardware & software

What is Look&Play?

Look&Play is software to allow for user-enabled playback of 360° video content with no menus or buttons to press on. Using Look&Play you can preload and manage 360° content on your device. Further, users in the Look&Play app will be in a distraction-free kiosk mode where videos can be started simply by looking at an icon for a few seconds.

Software features

Load 360 content

Look&Play supports 360 videos and photos that can be loaded onto your device. Look&Play works with stereoscopic & monoscopic 360° video, photos as well as Equi-angular VR video with a standard resolution of 3840 x 1920 pixels and spatial audio (.tbe). Further, you can load an unlimited number of 360 videos on your device, the limit is dependent on your devices storage capacity.

Custom branding

Create a branded experience in the Look&Play waiting room. Add a 360 background that matches your corporate identity. Look&Play supports .jpg and .png files with a recommended resolution of 3840 x 1920 pixels. Further, you can add branded icons for each of the 360 videos in your library, these are recommended to be 512 x 512 pixels. Finally, to complete your waiting room add your logo, also recommended to be 512 x 512 pixels for best delivery.

Video playback options

Look&Play makes it possible to loop videos endlessly. As well as activate autoplay for a single video to ensure it starts directly. Further, Look&Play can be set up to restart or continue videos where it last was when the headset is taken off or turned off.

Everything at one place

Hardware, software and service

Reasons to buy from VR Expert

Compatible products

Let users view your selected content with the Look&Play software. Look&Play works with the Pico G2 4K, Pico G2 4K Enterprise, Pico Neo 3 Pro, Pico Neo 3 Pro Eye, Oculus Quest 1 & 2 and modern Android phones.  When buying Look&Play in combination with a VR headset you get a 2,5% discount on your order!

Pico 4 Enterprise
899,- excl. VAT
HTC Vive Focus 3
1.249,- excl. VAT
Pico G2 4K
350,- excl. VAT

Choose a plan for your organization

We give you the option to decide how much you need to use.

/per headset per year


  • 1 Year
  • No controller needed
  • Gaze interaction to start videos
  • Supports monoscopic and stereoscopic video
  • Supports monoscopic and stereoscopic photos
  • Supports equi-angular VR video
  • Add a branded background
  • Add branded icons
  • Add company logo
  • Supports spatial and stereo audio
  • Multiple video playback options



  • Determinable
  • No controller needed
  • Gaze interaction to start videos
  • Supports monoscopic and stereoscopic video
  • Supports monoscopic and stereoscopic photos
  • Supports equi-angular VR video
  • Add a branded background
  • Add branded icons
  • Add company logo
  • Supports spatial and stereo audio
  • Multiple video playback options

Why people work with us

“An ideal solution for
our training program. Look&Play
is extremely user-friendly and
works great every time.”

Michael Stomphorst
Clever, The Netherlands

“The visitors of our fair enjoyed
the video and everything went great thanks to Look&Play. ”

Claire Doorschodt
KH Engineering, The Netherlands

“Everything went well
during the press conference.
Everyone could experience the
360 video without help. ”

Barone Marcello
Velvet Creative, Italia

“Works perfectly for our
open days to show 360 content.
People can help themselves without instruction.”

Gert Mallegrom
Inholland, The Netherlands



  • Where can I download Look&Play? arrow-forward

    The Look&play software can be downloaded from different sources depending on the headset you are using. 

    Oculus Quest 1 & 2:

    Look&Play is available on the Oculus Store through App Labs. Search for Look & Play in the store on the headset.

    Pico G2 4K & Enterprise:

    Look&Play can be downloaded on the Pico headsets by going to the store in the headset and search for Look & Play

    Android smartphones:

    Android smartphones can install the application through the Google Play Store.

  • Is there a trial available for Look&Play? arrow-forward

    Yes, we offer a free trial to try out Look&Play to see if it fits your use case. You can enter the software trial request here

  • What are the recommended specifications for a 360 content? arrow-forward

    Look&Play recommended the following specifications for the video, image and custom icons content:

    Video content

    • H.265 or H.264 codec
    • 3840×1920 resolution
    • 30 frames per second
    • 20 – 30 Mbps bitrate
    • Stereo AAC audio or TBE spatial

    Image content

    • 360° image, monoscopic or stereoscopic
    • 3840×1920 resolution
    • Png or jpg format

    Custom icons and logo content

    • 512×512 resolution
    • Png format
  • What type of content is supported? arrow-forward

    Look&Play supports the following types of content:

    • Monoscopic 360° video
    • Stereoscopic 360° video
    • Spatial audio
    • 360° photo for a branded waiting room

    Video specifications:

    • Codec:
      • H265 mp4
      • H264 mp4
    • Resolution:
      • 3840×1920
    • FPS:
      • 30
    • Max bitrate:
      • 30 mbp/s

    Audio specifications:

    • Stereo AAC
    • .tbe spatial

    Branding specifications:

    • Codec:
      • JPFG
      • PNG
    • Background resolution:
      • 3480×1920
    • Icon resolution:
      • 512×512
  • How do I start a 360 video? arrow-forward

    To select content to view, use your head to look at the desired piece of content for a second. A circle will fill as confirmation to open the video, image or folder. After content is finished playing, the screen will return to the waiting room and a new piece of content can be started.

  • Is it possible to load multiple 360 videos on my headset? arrow-forward

    Yes, Look&Play allows you to put multiple 360 videos on your headset. Look&Play has no limit on how many videos can be uploaded to a headset, the only limit is the storage capacity of the headset and a maximum of 24 files per folder.

  • How do i preload content with Look&Play? arrow-forward

    To preload your content you will need: your headset of choice, a computer and a cable to connect the device to the computer.

    Name your content on the computer, create a folder titled VREvent. This is the root folder in which all content will be placed. You can create additional folders inside that will show up as a subfolder in the application. Note that only a maximum of 24 files per folder will be shown inside Look & Play. To view content as stereoscopic or 2D you have to rename the file with the correct suffix. Use the table below: 

    Description Suffix Filename
    Top bottom stereo _TB ExampleVideo_TB.mp4
    Left right stereo _LR ExampleVideo_LR.mp4
    Equi-angular (Youtube VR)
    Monoscopic _EAC ExampleVideo_EAC.mp4
    Top bottom stereo _EAC_TB ExampleVideo_EAC_TB.mp4
    Left right stereo _EAC_LR ExampleVideo_EAC_LR.mp4
    2D video
    2D flat video _2D ExampleVideo_2D.mp4


    Loading the content

    Connect the headset to the computer with the proper cable and accept the connection for file transferring. Open the Internal Shared Storage (the root) of the headset on the computer and copy or create the VREvent folder to the storage.

  • Which headsets are supported by Look&Play? arrow-forward

    Look&Play supports the Pico G2 4K, Pico G2 4K Enterprise, Oculus Quest 1 & 2 and all Android phones. An Android phone should have a gyroscope and be able to play 360 content, this can be checked by opening a 360 video on your phone (youtube or file).

    The Pico Neo 3 pro will soon be available to be used with Look&Play.

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