Enhance your machine building with augmented reality

Enhance your machine building with augmented reality

Whether it is the display of classic step-by-step instructions, remote maintenance, the observation of 3D prototypes or architects' designs in construction, augmented reality technology is used in all areas of industry 4.0. And implementing it in existing workflows is much easier than many people think. The advantages for companies are more efficient processes, lower error rates, shorter machine downtimes and reduced personnel requirements. All of these things make for lower costs overall.

How machinebuilding AR is used

Here are some examples below of the incredible capabilities of augmented reality in machine building,

How AR can be used for machine building

So now that you know that it works, time to show where you could benefit from augmented reality in your organization:


Improve customer relationships with augmented reality

AR headsets and assisted reality smart glasses possess the ability to transport the customer into the repair and maintenance process remotely. Effectively, this increases customer engagement and promotes a deeper understanding of technical issues from all sides, limiting time spent on post-repair documentation.

Including the customer in remote maintenance and repair improves the quality and productivity as multiple insights are provided to the repair and maintenance operation. All in all augmented reality improves customer relationships and their lifetime value.

  • Better quality assurance
  • Visual indications of what needs to happen
  • Faster onboarding


Augmented reality enables international scaling

Because augmented and assisted reality enables fully decentralized tasks to be completed, AR headsets and smart glasses support industrial processes and machine building to rapidly scale internationally.


That means if you are a small team and require assistance from machine experts around the globe, AR and assisted reality facilitate you to respond quickly to repairs, setup, and ongoing maintenance and quality control.


The benefits of immersive visualization in augmented reality

AR helps you transition from CADs to BIMs. Building Information Modeling in augmented reality transforms how architects design with real-time rendering, how the urban planner can develop the most optimized parking lot, and even how patient treatment information is displayed during surgeries.

Immersive Visualization provides designers and engineers with a closer representation of the final product to illustrate for their clients. While it improves the final delivery, collaboration and workflow to get there. Namely, neurosurgeons can rely on non-intrusive patient information during operations, providing more accurate and safer neuronavigation.

  • More accurate work
  • Access to information when needed
  • Safer environments


These packages combine Hardware with pre-installed software.



  • Who is VR Expert?

    VR Expert is Europe’s leading provider of VR & AR hardware. Active in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. With offices in Utrecht and Cologne. Our mission is to help companies successfully implement VR & AR hardware solutions.
  • Which quality marks do you have?

    We are registered with the Thuiswinkel Quality Mark. The Stichting Certificering Thuiswinkel has granted us an official certificate for the quality and reliability of our services
  • Are you official resellers?

    For all products in our portfolio we are official resellers. Almost daily we have direct contact with various manufacturers.


  • Which headset is the most suited machine building?

    The most suited headsets for machine building and general industry are the augmented reality headsets from RealWear and Vuzix. If you need more processing power, the Microsoft HoloLens 2 or the Magic Leap 2 are the headsets right for the job.
  • Do you offer additional services?

    Yes, besides just selling VR & AR headsets to our customers we also offer an installation service where we install your content onto the headsets. We also provide support service that allows you to call us with any technical questions you may have about your VR headset.


  • Does VR Expert have experience with companies using AR for machine building?

    Yes, VR Expert has helped many companies to integrate virtual reality into their businesses. There are a lot of possibilities, from remote support to on sight instructions on how to work with machinery.
  • Where can I learn more about potential news about the development of AR in machine building?

    We will update this page with new use cases and information as technology will allow for more and more possibilities. Besides this page, we also offer a unique blog platform with the latest news about virtual- and augmented reality.

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