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Magic Leap 2 Controller Lanyard

20,- excl. VAT

In Stock

Product Information Magic Leap 2 Controller Lanyard

The Magic Leap 2 Controller Lanyard is designed to replace the existing Lanyard on the Magic Leap 2 Controller. It can be secured to your wrist allowing a better grip on the controller in high-movement simulations avoiding you from dropping and either damaging or breaking the controller. 

The Lanyard is compatible with both the Magic Leap 1 or 2 Controllers. 

A loop-round string mechanism makes it easy to attach to your controller.


  • Provides secure attachment of the controller
  • Easy to attach

Product Specification

Brands: Magic Leap Material: Fabric
Suitable for: Magic Leap 1 & 2 Warranty: 1 Year
Colour: Black


Magic Leap 2 Controller Lanyard

  • What is the Magic Leap 2 Controller Lanyard? arrow-forward

    The Magic Leap 2 Controller Lanyard is a strap that helps to secure the Magic Leap 2 controller to your wrist to prevent dropping or losing the controller during use. It is durable and ensures that the controller won’t fly away unwanted.

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