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Merge Schoolwide License (Unlimited users)

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  • Interactive learning for the whole classroom
  • Works with IOS and Android
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What is the Merge EDU?

Merge EDU

The Merge EDU software license is the matching counterpart, with which the full functionality of the Merge Cube comes into its own. By using the Merge Cube and Merge EDU, a completely new innovative way of learning can be integrated into the school day. Students can, for example, explore a galaxy, a DNA molecule or the Earth’s core with their own hands and learn about them in a playful way. With the Merge EDU license, users get full access to the learning content of the Merge EDU applications Merge Object Viewer, Merge Explorer and Merge HoloGlobe.

Software features

View over 1,000 digital 3D teaching assets in Merge Object Viewer

In the Merge Object Viewer, you can choose from over 1,000 digital 3D educational contents. These are sorted by topic and include, for example, animals, reptiles, cells, rocks, minerals and much more. Teachers can also upload their own 3D objects using Object Viewer. By using the app, students can explore the 3D educational content in a playful hands-on way.

Experience interactive science simulations with Merge Explorer

With the Merge Explorer, users have access to more than 100 interactive science simulations. For example, the Explorer allows students to examine a shark, dissect frogs, get a close-up view of a roaring volcano, or explore the solar system. The simulations are complemented with integrated quizzes, allowing students to gain important knowledge.

Easy management using the Merge Dashboard

Via the Merge Dashboard, which is available as a web application, teachers can add colleagues and classes. Furthermore, registered students can be managed and their learning progress can be monitored clearly. The dashboard can also be used to upload your own 3D creations, which students can then view using the Merge Cube.

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Merge Cube
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Choose a plan for your organization

We give you the option to decide how much you need to use.

/per year

Schoolwide 1 year

  • Unlimited users
  • 1000 digital 3D objects
  • 100 interactive simulations
/per 2 years

Schoolwide 2 years

  • Unlimited users
  • 1000 digital 3D objects
  • 100 interactive simulations
/per 3 years

Schoolwide 3 years

  • Unlimited users
  • 1000 digital 3D objects
  • 100 interactive simulations


Merge EDU

  • Is there a SDK available for merge EDU? arrow-forward

    No, there is no SDK available for the Merge EDU. It is possible to upload your own 3D objects to view them with your Merge cube, but it isn’t possible to create your own AR applications for Merge.

  • What is the difference between the Classroom and Schoolwide license? arrow-forward

    The content of Merge EDU classroom & schoolwide is exactly the same, the only difference is the amount of users can use the license. 

    The Classroom license accepts up to 30 users at once and thus ideal for a single classroom. The Merge EDU Schoolwide license can be used by everyone in a single school.

  • Is the Merge cube included with a software license? arrow-forward

    No, You need to buy the Merge cube separately from our webshop. It is possible to use the software without the cube and use the world AR or 3D visualizations on the screen of your device. With the Merge EDU trial we do include a pdf file which allows you to print out a paper Merge cube which is ideal for testing!

  • How many 3D objects are included with Merge EDU? arrow-forward

    The Merge EDU license includes over 1000 3D objects which are explorable with the Merge cube. The license also includes over 100 3D training / interactive 3D visualizations which are placed in all kinds of education topics.

  • For which industries can the Merge cube be used? arrow-forward

    Merge cube is made for Education with the goal of making interactive learning more accessible by replacing expensive physical learning objects.

  • Does Merge EDU require the Merge cube to work? arrow-forward

    No, the Merge EDU applications can be used without a Merge cube. The software also allows you to view the 3D objects and learnings in regular AR or just on your phone or tablet. 

    It is recommended to use the Merge cube in combination with Merge EDU to get as much as possible from the software.

  • What applications are included in Merge EDU? arrow-forward

    With Merge EDU you get access to all features from the Merge explorer, Merge Hologlobe and Merge object viewer. You also get access to the Merge EDU dashboard which you can use to set up the modules you want to include in your class. 

    It is possible to preview a limited selection of Merge EDU by downloading the free apps in the iTunes store or Google play store.

  • As a teacher, how can I control what is shown with Merge EDU? arrow-forward

    Included with the Merge EDU schoolwide and classroom license is a customizable dashboard. With this dashboard teachers and admins can select the available materials to be used during classes.

  • Is it possible to purchase a Merge EDU license as an individual? arrow-forward

    Yes, Individuals can get most of the features by purchasing individual licenses through the applications downloaded from the app store. It is possible to get the additional features on the Merge explorer, Object viewer and hologlobe separately through each their own applications.

  • What resources are available for educators? arrow-forward

    To get used with Merge EDU and the Merge cube, Merge offers an extensive help center. It is also possible to get training from an expert when purchasing Merge EDU from VR Expert.

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