Meta Quest Pro will not be available in Germany

Meta Quest Pro will not be available in Germany

Just before the launch of the long-awaited Meta Quest Pro at the Meta Connect Event, news leaked that it would not be available for sale in Germany. The reason is because of a dispute between Meta and the German Federal Cartel Office. It is believed that Meta is in breach of German privacy laws. The same privacy laws that has seen the Quest 2 not be available for sale in Germany since 2019.

The ban for sales of Meta products is not new in Germany, the first occurrence happened when the Oculus Go and Oculus Quest 1 were still being sold by Meta, which was then known as Oculus. The original punishment came when Meta made it mandatory to use a Facebook account to use the headsets. 

Many thought this would have been solved by the introduction of Meta accounts, which was announced by Meta months ago, however it seems the change has not been adequate to satisfy German privacy laws as it stands. Which means the new Quest Pro headset will not be allowed to be sold in Germany.

As a replacement for the Quest 2 and Quest Pro, the Pico 4 VR headset seems to be the most suitable alternative. This headset can be purchased in Germany, is lightweight, has face and eye tracking and an affordable price.

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