Microsoft HoloLens 3: Release Date, Features and Cost: Everything you need to know

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Information on the upcoming Microsoft HoloLens 3 is sparse, thus we will update this article when new information, official or otherwise, is released.

For now, we will go over:

  • Is Microsoft HoloLens 3 coming or not?
  • Samsung and Microsoft team up

Is Microsoft HoloLens 3 coming or not?

Internal reports have been circulating about whether Microsoft is continuing, halting, or discontinuing its plans for HoloLens 3. Similar to the complications that Magic Leap faces from its prosumer to enterprise focus. Microsoft has shown a divide between focusing on enterprises, industry, and military purposes versus prosumers.

Further, Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, has previously stated that Microsoft should be developing software for the metaverse – both VR and AR – irrespective of who makes the headsets. This is in line with the newly formed partnership between Meta and Microsoft for bringing Microsoft Azure, Dynamics, and other productivity applications to the Meta Store.

For now, no mention of a release date exists nor any substantial rumors thereof for Microsoft HoloLens 3: but it is safe to say that Microsoft is currently recalibrating what Microsoft’s path ahead is for augmented reality.

Samsung and Microsoft team up

While details are few and far between, Samsung and Microsoft have entered an AR partnership. We don’t know the exact nature of this partnership or what it will entail other than a dedicated team that has been formed inside Samsung from different departments. What we do know is Samsung acquired DigiLens, the waveguide lens manufacturer used for the AR headsets and smart glasses today. However, the Microsoft and Samsung partnership could involve only software, as Samsung is rumored to be developing its own smart glass.



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