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Miracast dongle


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Product information Miracast dongle

The Miracast is a dongle allowing you to wirelessly stream content to another screen such as a projector, television or monitor through an HDMI port. The Mirecast dongle is compatible with a wide range of devices including Pico XR, Android, iOS and Windows Devices.

The Miracast dongle has the following advantages:

Allows for streaming on Pico Headsets and Wi-Fi devices

First, the Miracast Dongle is unique as it is WiFi Compatible. WiFi compatibility means that any WiFi-enabled device can stream to the dongle, this can be achieved through either the Miracast App on Mobile or Tablet Devices or alternatively through connecting to the Miracast through WiFi settings on your device as it appears as WiFi Connection making it unique as it is compatible with VR Headsets such as the Pico 4. This allows you to avoid the previous issues of having to find the right ports and adapters required for instance for an HDMI cable making your experience easier and more cost-effective alongside avoiding the hassle and tangle of a variety of cables and adapters.

Easy to use

Second, the Miracast Dongle is easy to use. The device can be connected through either the Miracast or the WiFi connection on your device, allowing you to connect to the device similar to the way you connect to WiFi. The dongle just needs to be plugged into the receiving device’s HDMI port and then it is ready to go providing a very simple connection process.

Pros and cons

WiFi streaming

Allows for streaming on Pico Headsets

Easy to use

Small and easy to store

Requires charging

Product specifications

Brand: Miracast Video Quality: 1080p @ 60fps
Suitable for: Pico 4, Pico Neo 3 and any Wi-Fi enabled headsets or devices Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n
Weight: 25 grams In and Out: HDMI 1.4, Micro USB
Colour: Black Voltage: 5V 1A
Warranty: 1 Year Item Size: 9x9x2cm
CPU: RK2928, Single core, ARM Cortex-A9 Storage Capacity: 1GB

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Miracast dongle

  • What is a Miracast dongle, and how does it work?

    A Miracast dongle is a small device that allows you to wirelessly display the screen of your device on a larger display, such as a TV or projector. It works by establishing a direct Wi-Fi connection between the dongle and your device, allowing you to mirror the screen of your device onto the larger display.

  • What devices are compatible with a Miracast dongle?

    Most newer smartphones, tablets, and laptops are compatible with Miracast, as long as they have Wi-Fi capabilities. The Miracast dongle plugs into the device you want to stream to via HDMI 1.4.