3 options for ensuring good hygiene when using VR headsets

3 options for ensuring good hygiene when using VR headsets

The Covid-19 outbreak has made hygiene an important part of using VR headsets. A headset is often used by several people and this can be problematic without hygiene measures. This article provides three options for ensuring good hygiene when using VR headsets.

1. VR Cover

A VR Cover is a face mask that is made of plastic material (pu), which is easier to clean than the fabric material found on almost all VR headsets made. A VR Cover is designed in such a way that the user experience is not disturbed – you hardly feel any difference with or without a cover. It should be noted that the covers become slightly looser with frequent use.

There are different types of covers for different types of VR headsets. Only the headsets of the Pico brand are an exception: the face masks of that brand are already made of PU material and therefore do not need a cover.

2. Hygiene mask

Hygiene masks are disposable cotton masks that can be worn on the face before putting on a VR headset. This creates a protective layer between the headset and the face. The masks are easy to use and are universally applicable with all types of headsets. The disadvantage is that an extra step is needed before putting on a VR headset.

Hygiene masks are also often used in combination with other hygienic measures, such as the VR Cover.

3. Cleanbox

The Cleanbox is a box in which a VR headset is hung and then cleaned very thoroughly. A maximum of one VR headset can be placed in a Cleanbox and after sixty seconds the headset is both cleaned and dried. Research has shown that the Cleanbox kills all bacteria and viruses on a VR headset in 99.9% of the cases. This happens through the action of ultraviolet light; air jets blow away dust, dirt and other debris.

An additional advantage is that the Cleanbox can last for years without causing any damage to the headsets, while VR Covers and hygiene masks have to be replaced much earlier. On the other hand, a Cleanbox is of course also more expensive, especially if several VR headsets have to be cleaned at the same time or at different locations. A Cleanbox can be rented and purchased from VR expert.


A Cleanbox is the safest – but also the most expensive – way to guarantee hygienic use of a VR headset. If multiple VR headsets are to be cleaned at the same time or at different locations, multiple devices must also be purchased. In that case, a VR Cover or hygiene mask can be a great alternative, at a more affordable price. To quickly desinfect you can also use a hygienic spray.


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