Arthur and VR Expert announce partnership

Arthur and VR Expert announce partnership

Arthur and VR Expert are entering into a partnership. VR Expert will support the company in the distribution of the innovative virtual reality collaboration software by providing Pico VR hardware.

Arthur is a software developer that launched the Arthur virtual reality collaboration platform. The virtual office invites you to hold workshops, client or team meetings, as well as team events and training sessions in virtual reality.

The feeling of being in the same room, combined with countless productivity tools – from pinboards and text labels to mind maps and complex 3D diagrams – makes Arthur a useful tool for collaborating effectively remotely.

VR Expert - Arthur Platform

In order to be able to provide customers with the right VR hardware right away, Arthur will be working with VR Expert in the future. By selling complete packages consisting of Pico VR headsets and Arthur software, companies get everything they need to get started, further lowering the barrier to entry into virtual reality.

“The adoption of VR for collaboration and productivity is a Journey. It usually starts with the delivery of headsets to our customers. With the help of our Partner, VR Expert, Arthur can make the first step of the customer journey frictionless and easy.” says Simon Berger, Head of Business Operations at Arthur.

“Arthur is an incredibly innovative virtual collaboration solution that will permanently change the way we hold meetings. We are very excited about the partnership and proud to support Arthur’s growth,” said Alexander Obermüller, Managing Director at VR Expert D-A-CH.

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