diginetmedia and VR Expert announce partnership!

diginetmedia and VR Expert announce partnership!

diginetmedia and VR Expert announce partnership to support distribution of VR hardware to their customers

diginetmedia is an innovative provider of 360° content. The company produces mainly for the hotel and tourism industry and now counts more than 700 customers from 40 countries. In addition, diginetmedia has launched the largest portal for virtual reality in the travel agency sector. More than 10,000 travel agencies throughout Europe are connected there, which use the VR videos of the hotels to sell trips. 

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VR travel experience for people in nursing homes

With the 360° videos, diginetmedia also helps students make career decisions by allowing them to experience certain job profiles up close in the VR world. Another use case was significantly pushed forward by the Corona pandemic: the use of VR content in retirement and nursing homes. Thanks to diginetmedia’s 360° videos, it becomes possible for elderly people to travel virtually and get to different places. “The people there are very happy and always incredibly excited to get the opportunity to go somewhere else again.” says Andreas Weigel, founder and CEO of diginetmedia.

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Through the partnership, VR Expert, as the hardware expert, will handle the shipping of the VR devices and will always be available to diginetmedia’s customers for support requests. This creates an optimal division of labor between the two companies from which both benefit.

Content is an important factor for positive VR experience

Virtual Reality is on the rise in many areas and the two most important components of a positive VR experience are hardware and content. diginetmedia plays a major role in this as a content provider. Taking over the hardware shipping and support will help the company to fully focus on its core business of 360° videos. In this partnership, both companies play to their strengths, VR Expert supplies the hardware and diginetmedia the content.

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Andreas Weigel says: “Through the partnership with VR Expert, there are simply many more opportunities for us. The shipping service and customer care are entirely in the hands of VR Expert and I no longer have to worry about that. If then, for example, travel agencies or students need any hardware product then that runs completely through VR Expert and that is of course a great asset for us, that’s just great!” 

“We are very proud to introduce diginetmedia as our partner. diginetmedia has a lot of exciting projects and we are really happy to be able to do our part as a hardware expert.” said Alexander Obermüller, Managing Director D-A-CH of VR Expert.

The partnership between diginetmedia and VR Expert gives diginetmedia the opportunity to focus on producing 360° content and gives VR Expert the chance to further improve their service.

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